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Web of Ties Connects Ed Gillespie and Paul Manafort


I guess the following information I received this morning (not from the Kremlin, by the way, which is apparently where the 2016 Trump for President campaign got a lot of its information) is not surprising, given that both Gillespie and Manafort are a) Republicans and b) “swamp creatures,” but still interesting to know.

  • Ed Gillespie and Paul Manafort were next-door neighbors on Mount Vernon Circle in Alexandria for 15 years, from 2000 to 2015.
  • Gillespie and Manafort have likely known each other since at least 1996, when Manafort managed the Republican National Convention (see Manafort in this video from 7/31/96) while Gillespie was RNC Communications Director.
  • Manafort and Gillespie were each quoted in a 7/24/96 Washington Post article discussing TV programming for the 1996 Republican National Convention.
  • A top Gillespie donor, Reginald Brown, was Paul Manafort’s attorney this year, from March 24 through August 10, as Manafort was being investigated.

Lovely, eh? Also, here’s just a bit of background regarding the work Paul Manafort was doing out of his Alexandria home…

  • Created a shell company to hide his work for a Putin-allied Russian oligarch, possibly at the direction of the Kremlin; the shell company was registered at Manafort’s home
  • Conducted business for Oleg Deripaska, a close Putin ally, through a shell company named “LOAV,” which was registered at Manafort’s Alexandria home. “Manafort pitched the plans to aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, a close Putin ally with whom Manafort eventually signed a $10 million annual contract beginning in 2006, according to interviews with several people familiar with payments to Manafort and business records obtained by the AP. Manafort and Deripaska maintained a business relationship until at least 2009, according to one person familiar with the work. […] For the $10 million annual contract, Manafort did not use his public-facing consulting firm, Davis Manafort. Instead, he used a company, LOAV Ltd., that he had registered in Delaware in 1992. He listed LOAV as having the same address as his lobbying and consulting firms in Alexandria, Virginia. In other records, LOAV’s address was listed as Manafort’s home, also in Alexandria. Manafort sold the home in July 2015 for $1.4 million. He now owns an apartment in Trump Tower in New York, as well as other properties in Florida and New York.”
  • Trump hits lowest ever in Gallup (33%-62%). How low can this treasonous scumbag go?


  • old_redneck

    Obama Administration:

    — 8 years

    — Zero special prosecutors

    — Zero FBI investigations

    — Zero indictments

    — Zero guilty pleas

    Clinton Campaign

    — 2 years

    — Zero special prosecutors

    — One FBI investigation; no charges

    — Zero indictments

    — Zero guilty pleas

    Trump Administration:

    — 9 months

    — One special prosecutor

    — Unknown number of FBI investigations

    — Three indictments

    — One guilty pleas

    — Two on house arrest

    And that’s only up to 3:00 PM EDT, October 30, 2017 — what will tomorrow bring????

    M.A.G.A.!!!!! Many Are Getting Arrested!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ha, I like that, “Many Are Getting Arrested.” LOL

  • old_redneck

    Oh, and has anyone else noticed: Most of Manafort’s laundered money went through the Bank of Cyprus.

    Who was the President of the Bank of Cyprus when all that was going on?

    Wilbur Ross.

    WHO THE HELL IS WILBUR ROSS and why should I care?

    Ross is now Trump’s Secretary of Commerce.


    • Wow, nice catch…really can’t make this s*** up!

  • Denise

    All I needed to know about Manafort was that Roger Stone was a principal in his original law firm. Roger Stone is as sleazy as it gets. So while Manafort looks like a respectable high priced lawyer who wears the custom made suits, he’s just as disgusting as Roger Stone.

    • Stone is a charming combo of sleazy, bats**** crazy and thug. With Manafort, maybe drop the crazy part.