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Some of the Best Twitter Demolitions of the NY Times Nazi Normalization Piece


I already will never forgive the NY Times for its normalization of Donald Trump, its absurd focus on the Clinton Foundation and “her emails” in 2016 – playing a significant role in giving us the disaster that is Trump, etc. But this latest piece, normalizing a f***ing NAZI, puts the NY Times into the line-the-bird-cage category. Seriously, is the NY Times so desperate for “clicks” that it will degrade itself and destroy what was once a great newspaper in the process? With that, check out the following tweets about the Times’ “normal Nazi” story. I’ll add more good ones as I see them, but these are a great start, IMHO.

P.S. These are all excellent people to follow on Twitter, and also a great argument for why Twitter is a flawed but essential social media tool.

Also see the following by BV’s own Adam Siegel.

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