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Video: Tom Perriello Urges Everyone to Attend “Water is Life Rally & Concert” in Richmond at 1pm Saturday


As Tom Perriello says in the video below, this Saturday is a chance for Virginians to express their opposition to a “backwards, 20th century approach to energy production that ruins our environment and ruins small business” and to say yes to a “job-rich, clean-water approach going forward.” Note that there are some “very important public hearings on December 6th and 7th, 11th and 12th,” so this is an important time to let all the “powers that be” in Virginia that we want CLEAN, CHEAP, RENEWABLE energy, not the dirty/dangerous/obsolete kind. By the way, for anyone under the delusion that natural gas is “clean,” note that it “is a super-potent greenhouse which traps 86 times as much heat as CO2 over a 20-year period,” that it “has no net climate benefit in any timescale that matters to humanity,” and that…even Shell’s CEO is not sure whether coal or gas are more environmentally disastrous (see screenshot below the video of Tom Perriello).

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  • Kenneth Ferland

    Personally I think the methane leak rates are being over estimated from top-down analysis which just look at the post 2007 rise in methane levels and attributive it to Fracking or other Natural Gas use. But isotopic analysis shows the driver is biogenic methane from tropical regions.

    Thus I am unwilling to embrace recent opposition to Natural Gas by certain environmental groups, it is better then coal (remember coal mining emits methane at the mine so if you want to count methane do it for both fuels) and is serving as a bridge fuel as we transition to more renewables.

    The Pipeline though should be opposed due too the damage it’s construction will cause, the lack of need for the actual gas in Virginia and the clear intent that Dominion has of exporting the gas meaning their is no benefit for Virginia, only costs we bear for the sake of Dominion profits.