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After Voting to Massively Increase the Debt, Reps. Brat, Garrett Shamelessly Claim We Need to Cut Spending to…Yep, Reduce the Debt


This hypocritical, shameless crap from Republicans would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious, damaging, dangerous, etc. In this case, Representatives Dave Brat and Tom Garrett recently joined their fellow Republicans in voting to add $1.4 TRILLION to the national debt, mostly to give massive tax cuts to corporations and wealthy individuals. And after doing that, what do these shameless sociopaths do next? Of course: claim the debt is out of control, but that it’s all a “spending problem,” not a “revenue problem,” which of course means we have to cut…wait for it…yep, the biggest items in the budget (other than military spending, which these people always want to increase) — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Was this predictable or what?  More to the point, who in their right mind VOTES for these wackos? And why???  In 11 months, we’d better throw them all out of their jobs or they’ll keep screwing us all over.

  • Harry

    The Rs are hypocitically now going to point to the debt and the need to cut/eliminate Social Security and Medicare, these programs are essential for senior citizens (I’m one and can attest to their importance), these are third rail programs and Brat/Garrett and the rest of the nut crew are about to be electrocuted.

  • Laura Lee


    House Speaker Paul Ryan said that come 2018, Medicaid, Medicare, and welfare programs are heading to the chopping block.

    • Yep, they’re going after Medicare and Medicaid…also nutrition assistance and god knows what else.

  • Harry

    If Trump, Ryan, McConnell and the entire R congress have their way say goodbye to social scurity, medicare, medicaid, CHIP, national parks.