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Audio: Faaaar-Right Virginia Republican E.W. Jackson Announces for U.S. Senate


This morning on faaaar-right/Trumpster radio, faaaar-right Virginia Republican (are there any other kinds?) E.W. Jackson announced that he’d be running in 2018 for the VA GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. A few “highlights,” using the word loosely, include (see audio below):

  • Jackson said Jerry Falwell, Jr. endorsed Corey Stewart because he got in there first, that Falwell only has “one vote,” and that Falwell believes either Stewart or Jackson “make a great U.S. Senator.”  That kind of says it all right there, huh?
  • Jackson said he doesn’t think Falwell will not prevent him “one iota” from getting Christian evangelical support “in an unprecedented way.”
  • Jackson claimed that he’d be able to be competitive in terms of fundraising with Stewart. “I think we’ll be just fine.”
  • Jackson hit his “friend” Corey Stewart as a “perennial candidate” who “runs for everything that moves.”
  • On policy differences, Jackson said that Stewart had “never seen a tax or an increase in spending in Prince William County that he hasn’t liked…I am a fiscal hawk.”
  • Jackson also made a bizarre claim that Stewart is weak on “radical Islam” and “Sharia law,” has “had some dealings with some of the members of the Muslim brotherhood.” WTF??? My god, this is going to be a fun primary! LOL
  • On the third announced GOP candidate, Nick Freitas, Jackson said he “may end up being the establishment choice,” will “appeal to some libertarians…I am not a libertarian.”
  • With regard to Sen. Tim Kaine, assuming Jackson gets the VA GOP nomination, E.W. asserted that “boots beat bucks.” Jackson claimed that Kaine is a “lightweight,” “little Timmy Kaine,” “not a person of gravity,” “there’s no there there,” plus “he spends all his time fighting the president.” Yeah, Jackson is a character, that’s for sure. And not in a good way.
  • Jackson said he would vote for the GOP tax bill, but wishes the estate tax would be completely eliminated. Blech.


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