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Barbara Comstock’s Vote for the Trump/GOP Tax Monstrosity: Classic Bad Policy AND Bad Politics


If this new poll is even close to being accurate, it looks like Rep. Barbara Comstock’s vote for the GOP tax monstrosity was not just bad policy – it will seriously harm her district, along with the rest of the country – but also bad politics for Comstock. Check out these numbers.

  • “58 percent of VA-10 voters are opposed to the tax plan recently passed by the House (including 47 percent who strongly oppose the plan) while just 40 percent are supportive (only 21 percent strongly support). “
  • “Moreover, among the 60 percent of voters who have heard, seen, or read “a lot” about the plan, opposition to the tax proposal rises to 66 percent compared to just 34 percent who are supportive.”
  • VA-10 voters strongly oppose ditching the estate tax (by a 58%-32% margin), eliminating the ability of federal income tax filers to deduct state and local taxes (by a 62%-25% margin) and cranking up the national debt $1.5 trillion to pay for this disaster (by a 70%-20% margin).
  • Right now, Comstock’s “generic Democratic opponent” leads Comstock by 7 points, 48%-41%, and “54 percent say they are less likely to vote for her because she supported this [GOP tax] legislation.”

So yeah, this was stupid on all levels for Comstock. Then again, it’s not super surprising; according to FiveThirtyEight.com, Comstock has voted 96.2% “in line with Trump’s position.” That compares to her “predicted score,” based on her district’s performance for Trump in 2016, of just 42.7%. Which means that Comstock is voting nearly 54 points more in line with Trump than she needs to be, simply based on her district lean. I guess Comstock just really agrees with the orange fascist wannabe.




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