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Connecticut’s “Move Over Law” and Distracted Driving



By Mark Sherman, an attorney barred in Connecticut, New York, and Florida

According to AAA, way too many emergency workers are injured every year on our roads simply because they are helping others who are stranded or injured on the side of the road. With this in mind, AAA just launched a national PSA campaign counseling drivers to “move over” on the roadways and give emergency workers the safe space necessary to do their job.

Locally, the “Move Over law” has been on the books in Connecticut since 2009. The law requires drivers to slow down and even drive slower than the posted speed limit, and also to move at least one lane away from the side of the road the stopped cars are on.

If drivers don’t obey the law and slow down, or change lanes if they can, they risk being charged a fine that could cost thousands of dollars. If a driver is even slightly distracted, it is that much easier to drive too close to a car stopped on the side of the road, causing injury. The “Move Over law” tries to lower the incidents of these mistakes.

Other causes of distracted driving include the prevalence of smart phones and checking screens on your phone or in the car – checking emails, text messages, radios and GPS devices distract you from the road for just a second, and in that second an accident can happen.

Sherman Law Firm can help you if you are involved in an accident involving distracted drivers, whatever the cause of that distraction.  To speak to an auto accident attorney, contact the Sherman Law Firm to understand your options.


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