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Delegate-Elect Lee Carter Urges Virginians, State Water Board to Reject Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipeline Projects


From Delegate-elect Lee Carter; I hope to see statements like this from every elected Virginia Democrat:

Delegate-Elect Lee Carter Urges Virginians, State Water Board to Reject Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipeline Projects

Richmond, VA – Delegate-Elect Lee Carter (D-50) is asking that all Virginians stand up and fight the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipeline projects.

Dominion Resources is proposing the Atlantic Coast pipeline project, and the Mountain Valley pipeline project is being proposed by EQT Midstream Partners.

“Dominion Resources and EQT have not compellingly demonstrated the need for the additional natural gas capacity in Virginia,” said Carter. “And to make matters worse, that natural gas wouldn’t even be used for Virginian homes – the pipeline will run through the Commonwealth and be sent to Japan and India for export.”

Carter also has concerns that the project will massively increase Virginia’s carbon footprint, and destroy protected wilderness areas, as well as state and federal parks.

“Hardworking Virginians are going to end up paying for these unnecessary projects through higher power bill, in spite of the lack of economic benefit for Virginia, and if anything goes wrong with the pipeline, thousands of those Virginians will be in the ‘incineration zone’ – an area where all life would be incinerated if the pipeline explodes,” said Carter.

Carter urges all to attend the Water is Life Rally in Richmond on December 2 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“Virginians need to fight back hard against these projects that are not only unnecessary – they’re dangerous,” said Carter.

He also urges residents to attend the State Water Control Board’s meetings on December 6 and 7 and December 11 and 12 for the pipeline projects, and speak on their concerns about how these projects hurt our communities.


  • Gotta love this, as 100s gather to protest Dominion’s dirty, destructive, economically nonsensical Atlantic Coast Pipeline and to declare that #WaterIsLife


  • Jason Rylander

    Thank you, Lee.

  • O P

    Is it possible to write directly to the State Board if one cannot make it to the meeting? I came to the parade a bit late and only realised there was a rally at the tail end 🙁 Trying to get word out in my neighbourhood asap

      • O P

        Thank you!! So far I found these people, but was not sure how closely they worked directly with the board (they need to slow down on the acronyms, my brain is melting):
        VA DEQ (Dept. of Environmental Quality):
        1.800.592.5482 (Toll Free in VA)
        Director of Northern Regional Office: Thomas A. Faha: 703.583.3810
        Program Manager in charge of Water-related Permits: Bryant.Thomas@deq.virginia.gov; Assistant Catherine.Nicely@deq.virginia.gov
        Wetlands Protection Permiting & Compliance: Trisha.Beasley@deq.virginia.gov

        Will also send to governor, eh, cannot hurt. There is also a petition with NRDC, but I would imagine direct comments and letters would make more of an imact: https://act.nrdc.org/letter/atlantic-coast-pipeline-va-170814?source=FBOACPPET

        • Excellent!

          • O P

            I finally have my letter composed- it has a lot of references and research so unfortunately it took a while. I had hoped to polish but time is of the essence.. I thought I’d make the offer as last time (regarding a different issue) it seemed to make life easier for ppl when I posted my letter on the neighbourhood site for those who do not have time to compose their own. I am happy to share mine if anyone wants to use it and/or parts of it. If I could attach it in a Word document that probably would be ideal as I do have footnotes and references citing research as well as a few images of tables and graphs. In particular I try to highlight research disproving their claims of Economic, overall costs, and job benefits as unfortunately there are a lot of people that are not swayed by environmental arguments, though I have plenty of those.I suppose I can always copy and paste in a pinch.

            Just thought I’d put that out there as there is not much time left in case anyone wants to get involved and help but does not feel that they have the time to sit down and do this.

            Apologies for typos