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Video: Comstock Under Siege for Her Tax Bill Vote


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Comstock Under Siege for Her Tax Bill Vote [VIDEO]

It seems that Barbara Comstock learned nothing from the massive electoral wipeout in November. The other possibility, is that she knows she’s doomed and she wants to go out in a blaze of right wing glory. Either way, her recent vote in favor of Trump’s tax scam is not going over well in her district.

On Tuesday there was a massive protest outside of Barbara Comstock’s office on Capitol Hill.

According to sources on the scene, over a dozen people were arrested.

There was also a large protest (in the rain) outside of Comstock’s district office in Sterling, VA.

Comstock’s usual strategy is to quietly vote the conservative agenda without attracting too much attention. That’s why it’s important that the resistance expose Comstock’s complicity in implementing the Trump agenda. Local grassroots efforts are paying off with increasing national attention being focused on Comstock.

And it’s not just the people protesting outside her office. Recent PPP polling shows across the board opposition to Trump’s tax plan in her district.

  • 58% of VA-10 voters are opposed to the plan (47% strongly opposed)
  • Only 40% are supportive (21% strongly support)
  • 58% of her voters oppose the estate tax giveaway for the rich
  • 62% of VA-10 voters oppose eliminating the state and local tax deduction

There has been limited polling of the 2018 Congressional race so far (it’s very early) but every single poll that has been conducted since Trump was elected, shows Comstock in serious trouble.

The latest PPP poll shows Comstock losing by seven points to a generic Democratic challenger.


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