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Video: Virginia State Water Control Board Issues – “But Not Effective” Yet – Section 401 Approval for Atlantic Coast Pipeline


See below for some tweets, Facebook updates (by Appalachian Voices) and video of where we’re at right now in this farce of a process for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. I’m not optimistic about the final outcome, given that the “fix” has been in the whole time on this, but we’ll see…

Former Virginia Sierra Club director Glen Besa: “Hayes motion passed 4-3 with with Roberta, Nissa and Wayland voting NO. But board is discussing what it means. “Issued but not effective” what ever that means. Adopted today according to Hayes. Much confusion. Bottom line is SWCB is issuing the 401 – would appear to be a 4-3 loss.”

Appalachian Voices (1:50 pm): “Voting now. Approved 4 to 3”

Appalachian Voices: “Just found out board had been on a twenty minute break…Unsure what all crowd was discussing. I think getting clarification on the proposal that was approved and if anything better can be done (and get a majority vote)”

Chairman calls a recess as state troopers move in front of the board pic.twitter.com/SXsHDi2YuH


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