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Virginia Elected Officials – Danica Roem, Lee Carter, John Bell, Marcus Simon, Jennifer Wexton, etc. – Weigh In on Double-Digit $ I-66 Tolls


The advent of I-66 variable-price tolling (note that this is ONLY for solo drivers, who previously couldn’t legally use the road during rush hour) is certainly stirring up a lot of conversation, especially given reports of tolls as high as $40 one way. Here are a few, by Virginia elected officials, I saw on Twitter and Facebook this morning. Personally, I have mixed feelings, but overall my focus is on encouraging smart growth, transit-oriented development, BRT, bike lanes, carpooling, a thriving/healthy Metro system, etc, etc. Needless to say, I am NOT a fan of sprawl or of adding more asphalt, given the environmental damage those things do.  I AM a fan of coordinating land use and transportation, as well of focusing our investment dollars on sustainable alternatives for the long run, not on perpetuating a system that isn’t working in so many ways.

  • muppetzinspace

    I’m with Adam Tuss, people that don’t like paying upwards of $30 for the convenience of driving on I-66 during rush hour should seriously consider carpooling. Most people can’t afford to park in DC, let alone drive in everyday. It’s not working class people complaining about this because driving isn’t an option for them to begin with. Just carpool with a neighbor or coworker or set up slug lines. If people could figure it out on 95 corridor, they could do it for 66.

    • Perseus1986

      Exactly. There is no real reason to be driving in solo to DC during commuting hours, especially on the I-66 route, especially when it almost completely follows the Orange line. Gouge away and use the profits to implement metro extensions out to Centreville and Woodbridge and have an all-day VRE schedule rather than it being an adult school bus. People riding into DC solo usually do so in their Beamers, Jags and Audis and are spending hundreds a month on parking, they are not workers just scrapping to get by.

    • dave schutz

      Mupp, I think you have it right. I think a big hole in the system, though, is Uber – you call an Uber to drive you in on 66, you and the driver constitute a car pool! You ride free, at 45, pay the Uber, no parking cost, city traffic is more congested because the Uber is there. In the evening, lather, rinse, repeat. The best way to deal with this is to toll everyone, I think – ten-fifteen bucks, there is an expectation at the slug line that you will kick in for your share of the toll, and we aren’t all subsidizing Uber with money and freedom from congestion.

      • Interesting point about Uber, hadn’t thought about that but it makes sense…cheaper than driving/parking, let alone driving/paying $30 toll/parking.