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One Democrat (Tom Hicks) Drops Out of VA-01 Race, Endorses Another Candidate (John Suddarth)


I missed this the other day, but one Democratic candidate in VA-01 (Tom Hicks) has dropped out and endorsed another candidate, John Suddarth (see press release below). First, here’s Hicks’ statement on dropping out of the race. The other Democrats vying for the nomination to take on Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) are: Edwin Santana, Ryan Sawyers and Vangie Williams.  Also note that Tom Perriello earlier this month endorsed Ryan Sawyers; see below for the video of that.

Friends and Supporters

Tomorrow I plan to formally announce that after thoughtful consideration I have decided to withdraw from the race for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Virginia’s 1st congressional district. I make this decision because it has become increasingly clear that my personal and family commitments, including my full-time responsibilities as an engineering consultant, require my full attention and would not allow me the time necessary to conduct a proper, winning congressional campaign.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your encouragement, ideas, and donations without which I would not have made it this far. Furthermore, my campaign will be providing 100% refunds to those contributors that provided donations to my campaign.

I plan to stay engaged in the political process to further my beliefs and ideas, just not as an elected official.

Take care


Now, here’s the press release from the Suddarth campaign about Hicks’ endorsement.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tom Hicks Supports John Suddarth in VA01

With great appreciation and respect, I’m very pleased to announce Tom Hicks’ endorsement of my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Virginia’s 1st District. Tom decided to withdraw from the race due to personal and family commitments but he is still committed to a Democratic victory. Tom has run his campaign with great sincerity and integrity. He has demonstrated goodwill and Democratic values. He has been an outstanding role model for me and the other candidates and has inspired Democrats across the district to get involved and make our erstwhile Republican district a viable opportunity for our party.

Tom’s Endorsement Announcement:

“After thoughtful consideration of the experiences, backgrounds, and ideas of the remaining candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress in Virginia 1st Congressional District, I have concluded that John Suddarth is the strongest, most credible and well-prepared candidate to defeat Republican Rob Wittman in 2018. John’s education and training at the U.S. Military Academy (a.k.a. West Point), his experiences as a former Army officer, business executive, and small business owner, and his strong commitment to pursue policies that support working families make John the ideal Democratic nominee.

2018 is our year to make Democrats who support working families the majority in the House and the Senate. Let’s rally around John as our candidate to win Virginia’s first congressional district seat.”

Please join me in thanking Tom for his many efforts to secure and support a better life for all Americans. I look forward to working with him to elect a Democratic majority this fall.



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