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Poll: If the Department of Legislative Services Didn’t Write the Dominion Bill, Who Did?


Note the language in the upper-right-hand corner of HB1558 (see screen shot below), the so-called “bipartisan” bill “to end Dominion rate freeze, promise rebates,” which says “LEGISLATION NOT PREPARED BY DLS?” That means that the bill was not written by Virginia Department of Legislative Services (” the legislative branch agency created statutorily by the General Assembly to provide nonpartisan legal and general research services to members of the General Assembly and its standing committees in the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia”), but by….whom exactly? I asked one legislator and they told me this means the bill was drafted either by a legislator (e.g., Terry Kilgore, Dick Saslaw, etc.) or by an “outside group.” In looking at this legislation, which a Virginia energy expert told me “[g]ives Dominion everything they want with precious little for ratepayers and makes Dominion do nothing they didn’t already want to do,” I’m racking my brain trying to figure out who/what the author of this bill could possibly be?  If you could help me out on this by responding to the poll, below, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! 😉 /endsnark


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