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Video: Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Vows To Run “Brutal,” “Ruthless” Campaign Against “Shorty Pants” “Lunatic” Tim Kaine


The following videos illustrate really well what Democrats – and all sane Virginians (and Americans), frankly – will be up against in 2018 in the era of Trump insanity: crap like VA GOP/neo-Confederate U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart vowing to run a “brutal,” “ruthless,” “cutthroat” campaign – “one of the most vicious races you’ve ever seen in Virginia” – against the man he calls (in 7th-grade, playground-bully style) “shorty pants” “terrible guy” Sen. Tim Kaine. Seriously, Stewart talks like this. For good measure, Stewart claims that Kaine, who most political analysts would consider as mainstream a Democrat as there is – is a “lunatic, left-wing Democrat who [hates] America” who is “trying to destroy our country.” Nutso.

So anyway, check out the Corey Stewart videos below – if you’ve got he stomach for them – and ask yourself, who talks like this? The short answer: extremists, basically; anti-democratic (small “d”) goons, etc. Look, I’ve been following Corey Stewart closely since 2007, when he launched his vicious war on the human beings he disparagingly calls “illegals” in Prince William County, and he’s always beenĀ  “brutal,” sadistic, xenophobic, you name the negative adjective to describe him. So at least he’s honest in telling us what he’s planning to do and what the nature of his character is (e.g., “I’m not a nice guy anymore, I’m brutal and I believe in running very very brutal campaigns against the enemies of this country, including establishment Republicans and Democrats…I will be an absolute cutthroat, vicious, ruthless candidate…”). And now he’s arguably the frontrunner for the VA GOP’s U.S. Senate nomination in 2018 (the other two candidates: “extreme team” alum EW Jackson and hard-right Del. Nick Freitas).

P.S. For good measure, Stewart falsely claims there was widespread “voting fraud” in Virginia this past November that hurt Republicans. The scary thing, as always, is that there’s actually an audience for these lies. Perhaps even scarier is that repeated right-wing claims of “voter fraud” are part of an orchestrated effort on their part to suppress votes, particularly by minority voters. That’s totally unacceptable, to put it mildly.


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