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Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman to Give Spanish Language Response to State of the Union Address


Great news from the Virginia House of Delegates Democratic Caucus; congratulations to Del. Elizabeth Guzman! Also see below the House Caucus’ press release for some thought by Occoquan (PW County) Democrats Chair Ken Boddye.

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman to Give Spanish Language Response to State of the Union Address

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today congratulated Delegate Elizabeth Guzman for being selected to give the Spanish language response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Jan. 30.

U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, D-Mass., will give the English language response.

“We are ecstatic that Delegate Guzman will give the Spanish-language response to the State of the Union address,” said House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “Unlike the president, Delegate Guzman has been a true fighter for working people, as evidenced by the legislation she has introduced, including a bill to ensure working Virginians have access to paid medical and family leave. We can’t wait to watch.”

“I am honored to have been selected alongside Congressman Kennedy to give the Democratic response to the State of the Union address,” said Delegate Guzman. “Through his rhetoric and policies, the president has marginalized members of my community who are simply trying to work hard and support their families. I look forward to standing up for all working people on Tuesday.”

Delegate Guzman, an immigrant from Peru, is one of the first Latinas elected to the House of Delegates.

  • True Virginian

    Let me get this straight? We are celebrating the fact that we have a representative in Virginia that will speak to a group of people in a foreign language that did not bother to learn English in a prominently English speaking country. To further motivate them not to learn English. Let me guess. It’s the English speaking Americans that are at fault for not learning Spanish? Lets celebrate instead the language barrier gap it causes for most Americans in the work place and in our communities.

  • Mark

    Ms. Guzman, I commend you on your Hard work in obtaining degrees here and your Social Work experience. However, I am not sure why you feel it’s an honor to not just disagree with a sitting President but to use this platform to object and malign the President for your own Political aspirations. Where did that come from? Oh wait, is it because your Political heroes in Peru are so much better. Much like the Democrats, right? Like Keiko Fujimori who has degrees as well but was sent to school by Her Dad on millions stolen from the Peruvian people. Didn’t Her Father just get out of Prison? Or is it President Humala who is still in Prison along with His wife. Maybe it was Harvard educated x PresidentToledo or x Pres. Allan Garcia who may go to prison in the same scandal as Keiko and Humala. Ms. Guzman, I have been going to Peru since the early 2000’s and I consider it an honor to serve the People of Peru on my hands and knees in places like Ventanilla, San Juan de Lurigancho and La Victoria! I have been to places in Peru that I believe you don’t know exist. I’ve spoken in a Women’s shelter in La Victoria where a 9 year old was trying to get out of the sex trade and drug addiction. Why are you not there? I have laid tile, scrub floors, floated concrete etc. all for the Hope that I could be a Blessing. I finance my trips and I take others. Why have you not gone after the same Political aspiration in Peru to help LATINOS. Not much money or glory there, right? Please stop politicizing your (work) for Latinos in the U.S. when Peruvians suffer more than any DACA recipient ever thought of! Feel free to contact me if you would like to donate to support my trips to Peru and my vision to help the real victims of Political corruption! I am sure however that I won’t here from you and that you will continue to tout yourself as a champion for Latinos at the expense of your own People!