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“Dominion Dick” $a$law: “Well, the donors got some experts too, OK?”


Want to understand where Virginia Senate “Democratic” “Leader” Dick $a$law (Dominion Energy) is coming from? Check out this new HuffPo article on “What A Battle Over Virginia’s Most Powerful Monopoly Can Teach Democrats Everywhere.” And for any Democratic legislator still on the fence about the Dominion bill monstrosity, the question is who you’re going to believe, the “donors'” “experts” or independent legal experts who have examined Dominion’s bill. And no, it’s really not a tough choice, unless of course you’ve received $328,000 from Dominion Energy over the years, as “Dominion Dick” $a$law has. Hmmm…

  • RobertColgan

    Just because someone got a lot of money from some business which then asked that person to advocate legislation favorable to that business’s profits doesn’t make that person a bad or evil person
    but it does make them a paid lobbyist————-as far as I know lobbyists are required by law to register as lobbyists and disclose for whom they are lobbying……………. so, Saslaw is a scofflaw, an unregistered lobbyist for Dominion——–and should be sued for malfeasance in office for falsely representing himself as an elected official claiming his true clientele are his constituents.

    Friggin conscienceless hypocrite…………

    • What makes them bad/evil is that they were elected to represent the PEOPLE of their district, but instead they sold out to the highest bidder – a polluter, clean energy basher, climate science denier, etc. to boot!

      • RobertColgan

        Yep. Malfeasance in office. Criminal. People like Saslaw have shirked their mandate and sworn oath to represent their constituency.
        There should be recall laws for this very thing….probably wouldn’t be many incumbents left.
        I don’t think Saslaw and others are climate science deniers as much as they are climate science ignorers——-Get paid to just ignore the data, and PRESTO! the science, and the problem, don’t exist.

        • whatthe

          I don’t think Saslaw or any other Dem in the GA can be called a climate science denier. Hyperbole like that makes the left look us dumb as the right and hurts Dems chances of taking over the GA in 2019. I agree that monopolies are a problem, but we’re all polluters. We all use electricity. If Dominion doesn’t build out for solar and wind, then what’s the alternative? Continued fossil fuel burning? Perriello and the bloggers here haven’t said what they propose instead. What’s the answer?

          • Agree 100% that $a$law might be a Dominion tool and all-around corrupt douchebag, but he’s not a climate science denier. As for the “answer,” I’ve written about this a million times, so I have no idea why you claim (falsely) that “the bloggers here haven’t said what they propose instead.” To reiterate:

            1. Dominion needs to be decoupled and heavily incentivized/mandated to massively improve their pathetic energy efficiency performance. Let’s make Virginia the most energy efficient state in the country, then – and only then – let’s talk about building new power plants.
            2. Retire coal-fired power plants ASAP and replace with efficiency (the cheapest form of energy), plus utility-scale solar and offshore wind.
            3. Open up Virginia’s power markets to strongly encourage distributed power, allowing every homeowner and business owner to become their own power producers, to contract with whoever they want to provide them their power, ,etc.
            4. Put in place fair net metering rules.
            5. Enact a mandatory/aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard (e.g., 50% clean energy by 2030; 100% by 2040)


          • RobertColgan

            And I misunderstood that Saslaw is NOT the referenced Climate Science Denier in the comment above, but corporate Dominion IS.
            Nonetheless, science ignorance (denial) is to my thinking more about “Looking the other way” while something illegal is being done in order to claim “no personal knowledge or culpability.”

            I think that the affect of corporate money on legislators — influence peddling—— has taken the USA as far away from rational consideration of important issues (“sane decisions”) more than anything else, and corrupted the political system to the breaking point.
            Corporate “wants” are not electorate “needs” and should NEVER have supplanted them…..but they have and continue to.

          • whatthe

            All money is corporate money. I donate as a private citizen…but how do you think I make my money? I work for a corporation. Even small business owners sell their goods and services to people who work for…wait for it…corporations. You can’t tell employees of corporations they can’t donate; that would violate the First Amendment, so any prohibition on “corporate” donations is just feel good white wash.

          • RobertColgan

            You’re a corporation??
            “All money is corporate money??” GovCorps, maybe.
            Seriously, dude?

            You need to re-examine what a corporation is, what money is, and how the huge influence of corporate funding has “purchased” Congressspersons since the floodgates opened for such campaign influence, and most recently CitizenUnited SC dec
            Vast difference between small private campaign donations during electioneering and the large PAC corporate or wealthy individual “donations” that really are the significant influence on voting yea or nay legislation that affects those donors.
            “Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

          • whatthe

            “Vast difference between small private campaign donations during electioneering and the large PAC corporate or wealthy individual “donations”

            Define “small” and “large.” To me, a “small” donation is $250. To others, that might be considered “large.” You might consider me a “wealthy individual” donor. I don’t consider myself such because the most I’ve ever given to an individual candidate is in the $2500 range. I didn’t say I was a corporation. I said I work for a corporation. Like it or not, my money is corporate money.

          • RobertColgan

            “My money is corporate money”——– NO. Your money might derive from your employment with a corporation but your money is NOT by definition corporate money.
            You really exaggerate/play loose with your definitions, whatthe.

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