Home Dominion Power “Dominion Dick” $a$law: “Well, the donors got some experts too, OK?”

“Dominion Dick” $a$law: “Well, the donors got some experts too, OK?”


Want to understand where Virginia Senate “Democratic” “Leader” Dick $a$law (Dominion Energy) is coming from? Check out this new HuffPo article on “What A Battle Over Virginia’s Most Powerful Monopoly Can Teach Democrats Everywhere.” And for any Democratic legislator still on the fence about the Dominion bill monstrosity, the question is who you’re going to believe, the “donors'” “experts” or independent legal experts who have examined Dominion’s bill. And no, it’s really not a tough choice, unless of course you’ve received $328,000 from Dominion Energy over the years, as “Dominion Dick” $a$law has. Hmmm…

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