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Texas Defeats Dominion 18-0 in Renewable Generation


By Will Driscoll

Texas dominated Dominion 18-0 in renewable electricity generation in 2017, according to final scores from IEEFA.

Dominion couldn’t dent the scoreboard with just 0.4 percent for solar and zip for wind.  Texas scored its entire 18 percent from wind.

Dominion complained of “reliability” issues in justifying past failures to score.  Meanwhile, Texas endured Hurricane Harvey last year and restored power admirably.

The Texas free market in electricity—a wholesale electricity market called ERCOT—created the conditions for Texas to defenestrate Dominion.  In a free market, low-cost renewables rule.

Incredibly, Dominion failed to score the entire season:

  • Denmark demolished Dominion, 53-0
  • South Australia severely admonished Dominion 48-0
  • Uruguay upended Dominion, 32-0
  • Germany got Dominion’s goat 26-0
  • Ireland immobilized Dominion 25-0
  • Spain slam-dunked Dominion 23-0
  • California careened past Dominion 15-0
  • The Indian state of Tamil Nadu totally noshed on Dominion 14-0.

(All scores from IEEFA.)

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