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The NRA’s Favorite Virginia General Assembly Republicans


In light of the horrific school shooting in Florida yesterday, see below for which Virginia legislators the blood-on-their-hands NRA has been giving to since 2007, the year of the Virginia Tech mass shootings. Note that approximately 97% of the recipients of blood-on-their-hands gun lobby largess are Republicans, including fine folks like: the House and Senate Republican caucuses; the Republican Party of Virginia; Sen. Bryce Reeves (note that Ralph Northam won 49% of the vote in his district this past November); Sen. Ryan McDougle; Del. Tim Hugo (who came soooo close to being defeated by Democrat Donte Tanner in November, and MUST LOSE next time around); Del. Todd Gilbert (of course!); Morgan Griffith (previously a delegate, now a Congresscritter); Sen. Mark ObenSHAME; House Speaker Kirk Cox (’nuff said); Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment (ditto); Sen. Jill Vogel (who ran – and thankfully lost badly to “F”-rated-by-the-NRA Justin Fairfax); etc. Getting the picture here? Next year, how about we boot all of these gun lobby puppets from office once and for all?

  • bluevirginia

    Corey Stewart’s answer to school shootings? MORE GUNS! MORE GUNS!


  • bluevirginia

    And the Virginia GOP offers its worthless thoughts and prayers…after taking lots of the gun lobby’s blood money


  • bluevirginia

    And let’s not forget Barbara Comstock’s worthless, hypocritical prayers


  • Harry

    Nothing will change until we flip both houses, Tim Hug(e)o, is a joke, he uses his NRA contribution to buy his household groceries, without the NRA money he would be dumpster diving for scraps.

  • Harry

    A we all know, Stewart’s base of white supremacists, neo-nazis and pedophiles were all part of the Charlottesville hate march, Stewart is the one who put a target on Charlottesville and is singularly responsible for the deaths of an innocent protester and two state troopers, he should be indicted for murder.

    • John D

      Good God. Talk about hate. Let’s see how far your bigoted remarks go. Black and White; never Gray. Kepp drinking the kool-aif.

  • From the VA House Dems:

    House Dems Renew Call for Gun Safety Reform Measures After Florida Shooting

    RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today renewed their call for reasonable gun reforms following yesterday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left at least 17 people dead:

    “We extend our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, but our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” said House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “This nation has seen 18 school shootings in 2018 alone, and it is only February. These tragedies are not inherently inevitable; rather, they are enabled by the continued failure of policy-makers to act. We have been entrusted by the public to institute policies to keep our communities safe, and we are failing the people who elected us to do so. In the last month, our colleagues across the aisle did not support more than a dozen gun safety reform measures, including bills to ban bumpstocks, institute universal background checks, and keep guns away from those who present a threat to themselves or others. This is shameful. To all who fear or who have felt gun violence, we hear you and we will continue to fight for you.”

    “Our call to action is not a political one but a plea for mercy, a plea that we will put politics aside and address this crisis head-on,” said Delegate Cheryl Turpin of Virginia Beach, a 26-year teacher, who spoke to the issue on the floor. “Waiting around for the right time to have this conversation, yet again, will only put more lives at risk. There are too many empty chairs in dining rooms across America due to our inaction on gun reform. This shouldn’t be an everyday issue, but it has become just that — to my friends and colleagues across this chamber who say they want practical solutions for everyday issues, there were over a dozen pieces of gun reform legislation in this chamber that were not allowed to see the floor. We need solutions now.”

    A recent poll by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University showed broad public support for reasonable gun safety reform measures, including background checks for private gun sales, which 84 percent of voters supported.

  • RobertColgan

    Republicans loves ’em some guns, don’t they?

    You almost get the impression that if everyone was packing, and SGD (Sudden Death by Gun) became the most common acronym notated in Emergency Rooms throughout the country….. . . .
    (hundreds of thousands yearly, all ages, but mostly young, and randomly almost anyone fatally susceptible of any age or gender or status to the epidemic of SGD)
    . . . …..it wouldn’t matter in the least to the Republicans, as long as they continued to get their gun money from the NRA.

    “The most dangerous group in history” (Noam Chomsky, speaking of Republican Party)

  • John D

    So it is OK to kill the unborn, help the weak die by assisted suicide, and with old care to elderly because it does not fit into the definition of Afordable Care but, by all means blame everybody else for how people value life these days. The only thing that has changed between 40-50 years ago and now is the value of life not gun ownership. The media, liberals, and progressive (but I repeat myself) have demonstrated how much life means too them and now want to blame everybody else, including those who ARE responsible.

  • John D

    Please share with us who receives donations from Planned Parenthood. I am sure more people die at their hands then guns. Hypocrites

  • Harry

    All you need to do is look at the NRA report card for each of the GA members, the “A”s are unindicted coconspirators for murder.