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The NRA’s Favorite Virginia General Assembly Republicans


In light of the horrific school shooting in Florida yesterday, see below for which Virginia legislators the blood-on-their-hands NRA has been giving to since 2007, the year of the Virginia Tech mass shootings. Note that approximately 97% of the recipients of blood-on-their-hands gun lobby largess are Republicans, including fine folks like: the House and Senate Republican caucuses; the Republican Party of Virginia; Sen. Bryce Reeves (note that Ralph Northam won 49% of the vote in his district this past November); Sen. Ryan McDougle; Del. Tim Hugo (who came soooo close to being defeated by Democrat Donte Tanner in November, and MUST LOSE next time around); Del. Todd Gilbert (of course!); Morgan Griffith (previously a delegate, now a Congresscritter); Sen. Mark ObenSHAME; House Speaker Kirk Cox (’nuff said); Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment (ditto); Sen. Jill Vogel (who ran – and thankfully lost badly to “F”-rated-by-the-NRA Justin Fairfax); etc. Getting the picture here? Next year, how about we boot all of these gun lobby puppets from office once and for all?


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