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Video: Sorry, Del. Keam, Glad You Apologized to Del. Carter, But That Really Was NOT Funny


The following happened earlier today in House Finance Committee, as Del. Mark Keam (D) teased Del. Lee Carter (D) for his Democratic Socialist views by holding up…a hammer and sickle image. Yeah, I know Del. Keam did it because he thought it was funny (you can see that by his reaction), but I’m just not feelin’ it.  At all. I hear that Del. Keam later apologized on the House floor (I’ll post that video when I get it; UPDATE – posted), which is good to know. But c’mon…seriously? Disappointing.

P.S. For the record, Democratic Socialism a la Bernie Sanders (or Denmark or whatever) is absolutely nothing whatsoever akin to murderous, dictatorial, even genocidal Soviet Communism. And no, there was NOTHING funny about any of that.

P.P.S. h/t to RTD reporter Graham Moomaw for flagging this one.


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