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Video: Valentine’s Day Message For Governor Northam Is “No Pipelines”


As one of the speakers says: “About the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines, Gov. Northam has said that he would wait for the science. Well, the science has long proven that these pipelines are terrible. The governor said that he backs the pipelines as long they’re done in a responsible manner and people’s land rights are protected. Well, it’s obvious that that’s not the case; property rights right now are being trampled on, our water and land are being trampled on. The DEQ and the other state agencies rubberstamped this permitting process…It’s time you [Gov. Northam] break up with Dominion and the other fossil fuel companies that put profit over people and it’s time you stand with us against these pipelines. If not, get used to us, because we’re not going away.”


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