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Wednesday News: Trump Talks “Treason” and “Shutdown”; SpaceX; More B.S. in the GOP-Controlled G.A.


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, February 7.

  • Quizzical

    When Nixon changed the Secret Service uniforms to resemble fancy uniforms he saw in Europe, the uniforms created an uproar and were gone in two weeks.
    I expect the same for Trump’s grand parade.

  • Jim B

    Would the republicans really want to prosecute the special council, the FBI and Chris Steele? Seems to me just BS because the truth would come in court.

  • From Progress Virginia:

    Progress Virginia Strongly Condemns Republican Senators Flip Flop on Equal Pay

    Richmond, VA—After unanimously supporting a proposal to strengthen Virginia’s Equal Pay law in Senate Commerce and Labor as well as reporting the bill out of Senate Finance on an 11-5 vote, Republican Senators today reversed course on SB419. Senators inexplicably claimed they simply hadn’t read the bill closely before voting for it. Twice.

    Progress Virginia today strongly condemned the actions, led by Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment and released the following statement from executive director Anna Scholl.

    “Women deserve to be treated with respect in society and in the work place. Today, Senate Republicans have refused to do either. Women deserve equal pay for equal work. Period. Either members of the Senate Republican caucus aren’t reading legislation before twice voting on it or they are playing political games with women’s livelihoods. Both are unacceptable. Tommy Norment and his caucus owe the women of Virginia an apology and their vote for commonsense legislation to protect equality in the workplace.”

    Every Republican member of the Senate Commerce and Labor committee voted for SB419 on January 22nd, after hearing testimony from business interests against the legislation. Yesterday, February 6, the Senate Finance Committee voted to report SB419 on an 11-5 vote. Senators Norment and Newman flipped their votes. After bill patron Jennifer Wexton left the hearing, Senator Norment moved to reconsider the vote and claw back SB419. This morning, after hearing the same testimony on the bill that they heard in Senate Commerce and Labor, Republican Senators raised objections to women suing to obtain equal pay when they learn they’re being discriminated against in the workplace and rejected SB419 on a 11-5 vote. Only Republican Senator Jill Vogel joined with Democrats in continuing to support the bill.

    Republican Senators Frank Wagner, Ryan McDougle, Richard Stuart, and Mark Obenshain voted for SB419 twice before reversing their vote. Republican Senators Tommy Norment, Steve Newman, Bill Carrico, Siobhan Dunnavant, and Frank Ruff voted once for SB419 before reversing their vote.

  • Just saw this from the Virginia Beach Dems:

    Congratulations to our new 2018-2019 Officers, Carla Hesseltine for VB Democrats Chair, Bill Banis, Lisa Turner and returning Secretary, Laurice Yarn; thank you to our officer candidates for stepping up, Susan Bates Hippen and Michelle Sanderson. Thanks also to our outgoing officers for their commitment and leadership, Dave Belote, Susan Bates Hippen, Merri Grady Bair and Rena Fugate and especially to our members for their support. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we’re ready to hit the ground running!

  • One Dem candidate bags it in VA-10:

    Dave Hanson for Congress
    February 5 at 6:17pm ·
    Dear Friends:

    After discussions with family and advisors, I have come to the decision to suspend my campaign for the Democratic nomination for Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District.

    As most of you know, I decided to run for Congress for one overriding reason: to resist Donald Trump, his corrupt Administration, and his enablers in Congress, including Barbara Comstock. Those goals will remain at the center of my life.

    I will leave you with a few thoughts. I believe that:

    1. Trump is in the White House because Putin threw the election to him. It’s that simple and it must never happen again. This is not a partisan issue–it is an American issue. No patriotic American can ever accept foreign interference in our elections. Period.

    2. Donald Trump is an evil person. Some people shy away from the word “evil” and prefer to describe him using psychological terms. I think that’s a mistake. I don’t care if his father was mean to him. I don’t care if he had problems with toilet training. It doesn’t matter. I learned long ago that the most important truths to speak are the ones that make people uncomfortable, and this is true. Trump is evil. He really is. He long ago reached the age of responsibility for his actions and his actions have huge moral implications on the most vulnerable among us: the sick, the poor, the stranger in our midst. In fact, I find Trump to be the most perfect embodiment (dare we say “incarnation?”) of not just one, but every single one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride. Greed. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Wrath. Sloth. More importantly, by looking at him in moral, rather than psychological terms, it becomes clear what WE must do. If someone is mentally ill, we naturally try to heal him. But, in the face of evil equipped with great power, we must do something entirely different and that something is RESIST! There is no other option for a moral person.

    3. Nothing else matters as much as a Blue Wave in November. I will do everything in my power to enable this.

    4. The Trump presidency will not end well, Blue Wave or no. He will not go quietly into that good night. He is even now acting increasingly like a cornered animal, with his family and properties coming under legal and financial threat. If you think he will not hesitate to burn the Constitution to ashes in his throes to consolidate power to defend himself, his family, and his fortune, you have completely misread him. Think the unthinkable and as the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared.” Or, as Charles M. Blow said in today’s New York Times, “Buckle up, folks: the ride will get much rougher before it finally comes to an end.”

    5. On a much happier note, be certain of this. There will come a day and it will not be that long off. And on that day, I know the sky will be so blue. The birds will sing more sweetly than you’ve ever heard them before. And the coffee. The coffee! It will taste SO good! Because on that day, Donald Trump will no longer be president. Let’s keep imagining that day during the dark times ahead and ensure all our actions are Constitutional, ethical, and non-violent. All’alba vincero! Vincero! Vincero!

    6. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The Trump presidency represents nothing, if not the greatest threat to the US Constitution since the Civil War. Be prepared with your own positive agenda that focuses on big issues in a post-Trump America. Here’s mine:
    a. Tackle global warming. It’s the greatest threat to our home. There is no Planet B.
    b. Universal health care. Have you ever met an American that you thought didn’t deserve quality, affordable health care? Yeah, me neither. Let’s make it so.
    c. Sanctions against Russia for interfering in our elections and to deter the Kremlin from doing so in the future. I support a complete trade embargo on Moscow. Hit them in the pocketbook.
    d. A dramatically re-written and simplified tax code which shifts the burden onto those most able to pay and which closes the “loopholes” which are as a large as a hangar door. A single tax rate for earned or unearned income from any source. The new Republican plan is a travesty that hurts middle class and working Americans. Repeal and replace.
    e. Term limits for all Members of Congress. Almost no Members will support this Constitutional Amendment–as you might expect. A Convention of the States will be necessary, but broad majorities of both parties have supported this for decades. Many things will be different in a post-Trump America, and as I said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Let’s do away with professional politicians. Let dedicated patriots serve and then go back home to continue with their private lives and give somebody else a chance to serve. There are qualified people out there willing to serve and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many of them!
    f. While we’re at it, the Convention can pass Comprehensive Election Finance Reform. Overturn Citizens United. Drastically limit the amount any individual can contribute to any campaign or PAC. No dark money. We’ll never get anywhere without this.
    g. New Constitutional language on redistricting. The people should choose their representatives, not the other way around.
    h. Comprehensive government ethics. Require ten years of income taxes to be released prior to registration for any Congressional or Presidential race or to serve in a Cabinet position with five years of taxes automatically released after serving. Blind trusts required. To those who say they can’t take the scrutiny, I say, “Don’t serve.” The Nation will limp along without them in power. One can serve the people or serve oneself, but not both.
    i. A Balanced Budget Amendment. We’ll have to pay as we go. Let’s never stick our grandkids with bills we don’t want to pay today.
    j. Compulsory Voting. Nothing scary here…the Australians have had it for decades. They’ve found that compulsory voting forces the parties to seek support from the political center, not just their respective bases. I can think of nothing better to help heal the divisive, corrosive wounds of Trumpism than a natural herding to the political center.
    k. Mandatory National Service for all young Americans. Freedom isn’t free and serving others is a lesson we must inculcate in our young. Remember JFK.
    l. Keep America engaged in the world. Our Nation is special. Let it be a beacon to the world again. Alliances are good. A permanent state of war is abnormal and unsustainable. Build bridges, not walls.

    I cannot end without expressing my heartfelt thanks to those of you who’ve supporting my candidacy. I will never forget it! God bless you all and God bless the United States of America. See you soon.

    • RobertColgan

      Excellent, Dave Hanson !
      Let’s not forget gutting the military budget which is gutting the American treasury and demanding Endless War to validate itself. That profiteering HAS to end.

      I don’t agree with a balanced budget amendment…….for one reason: the money is fictitious and like abstract art has value based only on consensus.
      Making it seem finite does nothing to improve life when the real value of budget allocation has to do with placing the funding where it will reap the greatest harvest: cleaning/restoring the environment, alternate energy implementation, universal education funding, Medicare4All, infrastructure improvement including public transit———these are the things that will yield future value far beyond an arbitrary evaluation of present currency. Fund such projects without limit—but curtail spending on those projects which focus on harm or murder.


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Budget and Armed Services Committees, released the following statement on the bipartisan budget agreement announced today:

    “The bipartisan deal announced today is good for the country and good for Virginia. This long-term budget fully funds our military and makes big investments in transportation, drug addiction treatment, disaster relief, resources for rural communities, and veterans’ care. And it lifts the budget caps for two years and sidelines the threat of sequestration that has hurt our national defense and the Hampton Roads region. I am proud to have worked with a bipartisan group of my colleagues last month on negotiations to reopen the government that led us toward this deal, but our work isn’t done. We now must build on this bipartisan progress and immediately proceed to debate and pass legislation that permanently protects Dreamers.”

  • VERY interesting who did – and did not – sign Activate Virginia’s No Dominion $$$ pledge. I will most definitely keep this in mind as I consider who to support in these races…