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Out-of-Touch Dave Brat and Tom Garrett Join Criminals to Raise Cash for Friend of Putin


From the DPVA:

Out of touch Dave Brat and Tom Garrett join criminals to raise cash for Friend of Putin

At private event secured by armed guards, endangered GOP congressmen dine with Blackwater mercenary/Seychelles fixer Erik Prince and Iran Contra prevaricator Oliver North in support of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Kremlin)

On Sunday, Tea Party Congressmen Dave Brat (VA-7) and Tom Garrett (VA-5) attended a function in Middleburg, VA to raise money for the re-election of Vladimir Putin’s favorite congressman, Dana Rohrabacher.

Brat and Garrett, who both look to be in big trouble in their re-election bids,  were joined in their support of Kremlin-stooge Rohrabacher by Erik Prince (founder of the Blackwater mercenary group and Trump/Russia Seychelles fixer) and disgraced Iran-Contra Colonel Oliver North. The event was so controversial and secretive that “it was like an armed camp….There were security guards everywhere.” 

Brat and Garrett once again showed their complete lack of character, extreme cluelessness and incredible bad judgment by joining Rohrabacher, Prince, and North. While the vast majority of Virginians are disgusted by Russia’s interference in our democracy, these two Tea-Partiers are spending their time and energy filling the coffers of Putin’s best congressional ally alongside two disgraced criminals. 

Prince, whose previous claim to fame was running the Blackwater mercnerary company that murdered 17 Iraqi civilians, has made his way back in the news for his work on behalf of President Trump. Prince not only advised Trump during the 2016 campaign,but traveled to the Seychelles during the presidential transition in order to set up a back channel between Trump and Putin. The Seychelles meeting, which was not sanctioned by the U.S. State Department, included United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and Russian government banker Kirill Dmitriev. The meeting has drawn the intense ire of Special Investigator Robert Mueller. Prince’s loyalty and service to both Trump and Putin has been richly rewarded as Trump appointed his sister and complete educational neophyte Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education. 

North, who Republican royalty Nancy Reagan famously denounced during his 1994 U.S. Senate run by claiming “Ollie North has a great deal of trouble separating fact from fantasy,” also joined Brat, Garrett, and Prince. North was a major player in the Iran-Contra scandal, where he was “found guilty of obstruction of congressional inquiries, destroying NSC documents, and receiving an illegal gratuity.” The hardened criminal North, who lied over and over again under oath , seems to be a perfect fundraising draw to go along with the the possibly-treasonous Prince and trusted Putin aide Rohrabacher. 

Dave Brat and Tom Garrett: out of touch with Virginia. They are so busy taking care of Vladimir Putin and propping up criminals, it is no wonder they are not working for us. Time to say goodbye to Brat and Garrett in November. 


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