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Final Results of VA-02 Dems Poll: Elaine Luria 45.0%, Karen Mallard 41.3%, David Nygaard 10.2%, Gary Hubbard 2.1%, Shaun Brown 1.0%, Ernest Porter 0.4%


And yet one more district…Democratic candidates to take on Rep. Scott Taylor (R) are Ernest PorterKaren MallardElaine LuriaGarry HubbardShaun Brown and David Nygaard. See below the poll for video of the VA-02 Democratic forum a couple nights ago to learn more about the candidates.

P.S. I really want to see one of these polls hit 1,000 votes; so far, though, VA-10 and VA-07 petered out (e.g., almost nobody else voting, candidate percentages staying about the same) around 650 votes. We’ll see about this one…

UPDATE 11:56 am Friday – OK, I’m ending this poll as the number of votes is barely budging at this point and the order of finish has been stable for a long time.


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