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VA-10 Dems Poll FINAL RESULTS: Wexton 55%, Stover 13%, Friedman 9%, Biggins 9%, Helmer 7%, Ayyas 5%, Pelletier 3%


We’re almost exactly three months from primary election day (June 12) in Virginia, so I thought I’d start putting up some polls. We’ll start with the highest-profile Congressional race, VA-10, where eight Democrats currently are vying for the opportunity – and it IS an opportunity, a great one at that – to defeat Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) this November. Who do you support for the VA-10 Democratic nomination? Vote below!

UPDATE Wednesday AM:  I was initially hoping we might hit 1,000 votes in this poll, but it seems to be slowing down, so I might cut it off at 700 votes or so. We’ll see if it picks up or not today…

UPDATE #2 Thursday AM: Looks like the poll has stabilized and capped out at 665 votes, so I’m ending it.  Here are the final results.

  • briandevine

    read and rotate

  • Kenneth Ferland

    Surprising level of unanimity, I had been worried that the 10th would have an indecisive primary. I wonder how reflective of the actual electorate this poll will be.

    • Yeah, good question…

      • Glen Bayless

        My view is that is will be a good predictor of primary result. I first met Ms. Wexton when she ran for Commonwealth Attorney. She impressed then and has gotten much better as a campaigner and legislator since then. I think she has the best opportunity to unseat Comstock

    • Travis Neal

      Considering this is the most unscientific of polls, I would say not very reflective at all.

      • Denise

        This just gives you an idea of how hard it will be to win the nomination
        over Wexton. The small percentage of people who turnout for a primary
        are the kind of people who know about this website and would vote here. Stover being the closest shows how far away even she is from being real competition.

  • Cglass

    After reviewing all the candidates’ campaign websites (if they bothered to create one) I have to say I am incredibly underwhelmed by this slate. Where is a progressive with the guts to say they are in favor of a $15 minimum wage, for free college tuition at state schools, in favor of Medicare for All, will vote to repeal Citizens United (thanks Lindsay Davis Stover), and ending our wars in the Middle East and Africa? I can’t believe that with all the progressive energy we have seen across the country this past year that Virginia’s 10th CD can’t find one truly progressive candidate to oppose Barbara Comstock. I guess they are all inclined to follow the fabulous example of Hillary (“I’m With Her”) Clinton. Good luck with that!

    • Glen Bayless

      I have voted in this district since its inception (by that I mean since 11th creation). The candidate you describe would be crushed. I think the primary goal is to take the seat from the repubs. What is the alternative? Comstock? Reality has got to be in the mix.

      • Cglass

        At least give us the choice in the primary. Eight bland establishment Democrats isn’t a choice. I’d prefer letting at least one progressive candidate determine what is reality in CD 10.

        • notjohnsmosby

          Why didn’t you recruit someone you would like to run?

      • Anthony Shifflett

        Yes. FIT the district.

    • Denise

      What have you done at the grassroots level for any candidate? All of our candidates are a thousand times more progressive than Comstock.

      • Correct. All the VA-10 candidates are strong, pragmatic progressives, and any one of them would be infinitely better than Comstock.

    • Anthony Shifflett

      I tend to disagree. I checked out the websites at lunch today, and I was impressed.

      Can’t see myself that upset if any of them win, based on the sites I saw.

      • Agreed; this is an impressive field of candidates we should be proud of!

    • (((Light and Joy))) #NeverAgai

      At candidate forums they ALL have endorsed Medicaid for all and a $15 minimum wage (one with reservations–and I don’t recall which one), and repealing Citizens United. There is no non-progressive on this slate.

      • No question, these are all strong progressives based on everything I’ve seen, heard, etc.

  • Kenneth Ferland

    Surprising level of unanimity, I had been worried that the 10th would have an indecisive primary. I wonder how reflective of the actual electorate this poll will be.

  • True Blue

    VA 10 is lucky to have this slate imho! Frederick and Clarke counties are hardly bastions of progressivism. Comstock has home town support, but lost Loudoun narrowly in 2016. Protests are fine but I’m setting my eyes on the bigger prize. I hope constituents will work hard to unseat her; there’s lots of pavement to be walked after the primary.

    Lessons from Conor Lamb’s apparent win in PA 18. Know the district. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Play the long game. Absentee votes make a huge difference. Every vote counts. Lamb won by a very close call, using pragmatic and grassroots efforts. He knew that being a purist trying to convert a solid red district would not fly.

    I want a say again in the country’s priorities, and they sure as hell are NOT chaos, self-dealing, corruption, nepotism, bullying, conspiracy theories, attacking the press or intelligence communities, inviting foreign interference in elections, and destroying our planet for example. After 2016, we can not afford the nirvana or perfect solution fallacy. Wanting a Democratic win doesn’t require that we sacrifice our beliefs.

    • We’ll said, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Anthony Shifflett

      Agree entirely.

  • More good news for Jennifer Wexton this morning (press release from Wexton’s campaign)

    Governor Northam Endorses Senator Jennifer Wexton for Congress

    Governor Ralph Northam announced today that he is endorsing State Senator Jennifer Wexton in her campaign for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District.

    Said Governor Northam of his endorsement, “I endorse Jennifer Wexton because she has a strong history of service to Virginia, getting results for her constituents, and fighting for Democratic values. I saw her tenacity on the Senate floor where we fought together to expand Medicaid and stood up to the gun lobby. From the Virginia Senate to my campaign for Governor, Jennifer Wexton has always had my back and I know she will fight even harder for Northern Virginia families.”

    “I am incredibly honored to have Governor Northam’s endorsement” said Senator Wexton. “I have seen firsthand the dedication the Governor has to the people of Virginia, and I look forward to continuing our partnership to better serve Virginia families when I am in Congress.”

    This endorsement tops a list of more than 60 local elected officials who are supporting Wexton, including Congressmen Gerry Connolly (VA-11) and Donald McEachin (VA-4). In response to Wexton’s entry into the race in late April, the Cook Political Report moved its rating of the 10th District from “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up.”

    • Anthony Shifflett

      This doesn’t really do it for me. State issues are fine, but what about the district? I’m confident all the candidates running will be for real oversight of Trump.


  • Lindsey Davis Stover Statement on Ralph Northam Endorsement

    McLean, VA – Lindsey Davis Stover, small business owner, former Obama administration official, and candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, issued the following statement today:

    “I respect Gov. Northam, worked hard to get him elected last year, and understand that he has a working relationship with State Sen. Wexton in Richmond” said Stover. “But in the the race to be your next congresswoman, the voices I value most are those in this district. That’s why I’m focused on the people in VA-10, and I look forward to continuing to earn their support in the months ahead.”

  • Julia Biggins responds to Gov. Northam endorsement of Jennifer Wexton:

    Our campaign respects and supports .@GovernorVA . We are proud of the campaign he ran in 2017 and of his accomplishments for our Commonwealth. We would be remiss if we did not note that by virtue of his office, Governor Northam is the head our state party, and an endorsement of any candidate, particularly in a primary election, can be misconstrued. A competitive primary is healthy for our party, our district, and our voters. Governor Northam understands this better than most as his primary with .@tomperriello made him a more formidable candidate in the general election.

    Much like Tom Perriello, we are committed to support any of the Democratic candidates who win the party nomination in June. It is critical that the voters make that decision without being unduly influenced and they deserve to hear equally from all serious candidates about their plans for the district. Our campaign, like many others, has traveled multiple hours every day to large and small towns throughout the district to spread our message directly to voters. From #Lovettsville to #Berryville, #Purcellville to #Winchester, #Dulles to #Ashburn and beyond.

    During our conversations with the voters we have talked about the diverse needs of our future constituents in NoVa and the northern Shenandoah Valley. We have called for investments in .@wmata and expanding the .@VaRailXpress to the western part of our district. We’ve talked about the importance of more fully and equally funding education at the federal and state levels to remove the burden from localities, especially those who don’t have large tax bases. We’ve advocated for universal pre-K and free community college for students at schools like .@lfccedu and .@NOVAcommcollege . We are the strongest supporter of a #SinglePayer healthcare system that would guarantee healthcare as a right rather than a privilege, as well as remove the cost of healthcare from individuals and small businesses.

    As the lone scientist in the primary, we are the only candidate advocating the repeal of the Dickey Amendment so that the @CDCgov can retain the ability to perform the research needed to determine the causation of and solution for #GunViolence in this country. This is a unique time in American history, and an opportunity for our party not simply to win, but to reshape itself as a true advocate for the #workingclass and a broader swath of the American electorate. No one is better suited to help shape our party’s future than the voters themselves, and it is only right that they are given that opportunity based upon the policy and values of each candidate. #VA10

    • Anthony Shifflett

      “We have called for investments in .@wmata and expanding the .@VaRailXpress to the western part of our district.”

      Like what I see here. This is why I voted for Danica. 28 is a massive problem unless you get up @ 5AM.

  • Anthony Shifflett

    I didn’t see this poll when it was open. I wish I had. I have no idea who I’m supporting at this point.

    Looks like this thing might basically be decided, based on information on the site and here.

    We’ll see.