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Sunday News: “We are the change”; Right Wingers “Dumbfounded” By #MarchforOurLives; “6 Minutes and 20 Seconds”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 25.

  • Recipriversexclusons

    The NRA uses the description gun “control”.
    Have you heard, “It’s not what you say but how you say it”? Don’t you think people want to be “safe”? If everyone were to use “gun safety” when speaking about the proliferation of “unsafe guns”, how would that begin to affect the conversation?
    Can we make it the nomenclature? Let’s try;
    gun safety.
    Gun Safety!

    • That phrase is used frequently, as is “gun violence prevention” – both are good, although I feel like we can still come up with something even better (not that I’ve been able to think of it…heh.)

  • Video: Sen. Mark Warner on Meet the Press – Trump “chaos is not the way you run an organization…maybe that’s the way to run a reality TV show” but not our country. “More than bizarre” Trump has “failed to call out Russia”; “something just strange about this”


  • Quizzical

    Saw Senator Joni Ernst on Face the Nation, worrying that China will retaliate with tariffs on soybeans.

    Funny, I haven’t heard about her since her “make em squeal” ad.

    Her campaign promises were to cut Washington spending, balance the budget, and make the special interests in Washington squeal. Instead we’ve had a tax cut for the rich, a spending bill that increases the deficit and debt, special interests are getting fat, and her constituents are the ones starting to squeal. What went wrong?

    • RobertColgan

      Once Joni discovered “draining the swamp” had nothing to do with ball removal her role was no longer clear to her.

  • A real president, a real leader and a real man speaks about the Parkland students.