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Video: VA-02 Dem Candidate Karen Mallard on Why She Destroyed Her AR-15 After Parkland


Speaking of impressive and fearless people, how about VA-02 Democratic candidate, elementary school teacher and gun owner Karen Mallard? Great job on “The Beat with Ari Melber” last night.

P.S. See here for our post on February 24 about Mallard destroying her AR-15. Also see here for our post, “VA02 Dem Candidate Karen Mallard Responds to Gun ‘Trolls’ Alleging She Violated Law by Destroying AR-15.” The response to that one was…well, see for yourself in the comments section there and also on the Karen Mallard for Congress Facebook page.

  • Rick

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m EXTREMELY glad Karen got rid of her AR-15. The less that exist the better.

    But I still feel her action was a bit disingenuous. She was only moved to destroy (and video) her AR after the Parkland students movement took off and she was running for Congress? Why not after the 59 people in Vegas, the 50 people in Orlando, the 28 children in Sandy Hook or the 27 churchgoers in SC? None of them compelled her to rid her home of the mass shooter weapon of choice?

    • She was able to use her campaign as a platform from which to gain more attention for this mostly symbolic gesture. If you’re going to wreck a gun that’s worth a few thousand dollars, you might as well make it count for something by doing it at a time when it’s going to attract notice.

  • DCStrangler

    She didn’t destroy the receiver, the only piece that makes it an AR15

  • True Virginian

    Dems continuing to be dim. Grandstanding by cutting off the barrel? Toss it in the trash and see how quick someone puts a barrel back on it. Why not turn it in? Did she think her husband was going to go crazy and shoot someone with it? Did she contact the state police and let them know the gun’s receiver was no longer in her husbands registered possession? Anyone buying into this stunt is foolish. A symbolic, feel good waste of time with no practical purpose.

    • Maureen Dooley

      Karen Mallard cut up the rest of the receiver and turned the remnants into the police. This was no stunt. It had a very practical purpose. At least one gun will no longer be available to harm anyone. Further, people need to know that Karen Mallard is serious about sensible gun laws that are supported by more than 90% of real Americans.

      • True Virginian

        What sensible gun laws are you referring to and where are getting this data from?

      • Exactly.

      • Randall Eckhart

        Maureen Dooley do you really think that firearm was just going to go out and shoot someone? If you think an animated object can do that then you need to put the crack pipe down! Tell me please what’s a “sensible gun law” ! I ask you do criminals follow sensible gun laws? We don’t need another firearms grabber in government, plus the Democrats snuck a magazine size & bump stocks ban!

        • True Virginian

          inanimate is the word your looking for but yes your right. Not sure about the magazine size and bump stock ban. What are you talking about?

      • Joseph Oliveri

        Real laws, like the NFA act of 1934? You know the one she broke by making an unregistered Short Barreled Rifle… Because that’s a big one…And if she didn’t follow the guidelines for cutting that recever with a cutting torch it never was destroyed per ATF.

  • Maureen Dooley

    The DCCC and, I think, Emily’s List refused to support Karen Mallard because she did not say she could raise 100K. A a school teacher, her pockets are not very deep. She said she would work hard and campaign hard. AND she is. Already she has visited the Eastern Shore more than half a dozen times and campaigned for Democrats in the last election going door-to-door in Accomack and Northampton counties.
    Her chief rival for the nomination in VA 2nd is Elaine Luria who, when she said she could raise 100K, the DCCC decided to support her. (The DCCC is supposed to remain neutral until AFTER the June 12th primary. If not, why have a primary?)
    Elaine Luria voted for Scott Taylor twice! Now this Republican in Democrat’s clothing wants my support? If I want to vote for a Republican, I will vote for Scott Taylor. This Blue Dog switcheroo was tried with another military veteran not long ago in VA 2nd-Suzanne Patrick. (Suzanne who? you might ask. Exactly.)
    What worked for Conor Lamb in PA’s 18th– which was an R-20 district in 2016, is not what is called for in an R-3 or R-4 on Virginia’s 2nd. We are not so very red.
    We out number the Republicans. Let’s register more voters, help with absentee ballots ahead of the June 12th primary.
    Not every district is an R-20. We can ride the blue wave to a real Democrat, Karen Mallard.