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Wayyyy Beyond Parody: VA GOP Chair John “Whitebeck” on Far-Right “Newsmax TV” with Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist Jack Burkman


It’s really hard to know where to even begin with this one, as it’s basically beyond parody. Except that it’s for real.

So yesterday, Virginia GOP Chair John “Anti-Semitic ‘Joke’ Dude” Whitbeck retweeted (see below) that he’d be appearing on Newsmax TV (“the latest about the spending bill #shutdown with our very own @johngizzi, and top notch panelists @Jack_Burkman @JohnWhitbeck!”). What’s so f’ed up and “wayyyy beyond parody” about that, you ask? Let us count the ways!

First off, Newsmax is a far-right media outlet headed up by a dude named Christopher Ruddy, who is among other things: a) “an early donor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign”; b) author of the book, “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster,” which lays out a crackpot “conspiracy theory tying Bill and Hillary Clinton to the alleged murder of Vincent Foster” and which has been accurately called “conspiracy central,” “absurd” and a “conservative hoax book” (by none other than Ann Coulter!); c) the CEO of Newsmax, which “gave oxygen to the baseless speculation and conspiracies about [President Obama’s] birth certificate” and which ” proclaimed that the indictment of conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza for allegedly violating federal campaign finance laws was ‘Payback.'” For more on Ruddy, see Newsmax CEO Embarrasses Himself While Denying Newsmax Reported On Trump Meeting With Russian Ambassador. As for Newsmax, check out its website, where you can read all about stuff like the “Dangers of the Pervasive Deep State,” “How to Respond to a Hostile Gun Grabber,” and how Exxon Turns Tables on Liberal Climate Bullies.

So that’s the “news” outlet VA GOP Chair Whitbeck appeared on yesterday. Which would be bad enough; but wait, there’s lots more — Whitbeck appeared alongside Jack Burkman. Who’s Jack Burkman, you ask?  THIS guy.

Yeah, you can’t make this shit up: the Chair of the Virginia Republican Party, which still controls both the Virginia House and Senate, appeared yesterday on a “news” station founded by the Vincent Foster conspiracy theorist dude, on a panel with the Seth Rich conspiracy theorist dude, to discuss how there’s absolutely no merit to Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump; how the Mueller investigation should be ended immediately; how Trump should seriously think about firing Mueller; how Hillary Clinton should be investigated (for god knows what) and how “the left base will love it” if Hillary is the nominee again in 2020 (note: I don’t know a single person who wants this, nor is there any chance at all that Hillary will run or be the nominee, but John Whitbeck say “oh my goodness” he hopes Hillary will run); how the “left-wing media” is out of control on Russia and Putin; and other assorted crackpottery.

By the way, just a humorous note, but the geniuses at Newsmax can’t even spell Whitbeck’s (or Putin’) name correctly — see the caption below, which says “John Whitebeck [sic] and Jack Burkman on Trump, Putic [sic], McCabe, Mueller and more.” As I said, wayyyy beyond parody!