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Extremist Comstock’s Extremist Friends in the news: Lyin’ Paul Ryan & Warmonger John Bolton

By Adam Siegel
Within the turbulence that is the Trump Kakistocracy*, this week could represent a particularly dangerous one for the Republic and humanity. As @RealDonaldTrump raves madly about Federal law enforcement raids on his lawyer indicating an ever-more serious case being built as to Team Trump’s (and Donald Trump’s) criminality and likely treason(ous activity), extremist John Bolton started as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor.  As The Washington Post‘s editorial put it bluntly, “John Bolton’s extremism could lead the country to catastrophe.”
Former Republican Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen likes to say “You can tell a lot about people by the folks they stand with” and, in parallel, the “folks” who choose to stand with you. Comstock seems proud of the numerous extremist “folks” who stand with her.
In addition to Bolton, here are just a few of Comstock’s extremist supporters and collaborators
  • #AlternativeFacts conspiracy promoter and uber-Trump defender Sean Hannity has done fundraising events with Comstock and said “Comstock is a solid and reliable conservative.”
  • Rick Santorum who emphasizes that Comstock has “worked tirelessly for the Republican Party over her career.”
  • Hate radio shock jock Mark Levin
  • Conspiracy-theorist promoter Newt Gingrich
  • Koch Brothers’ front man Tim Phillips, head of their misnamed Americans For Prosperity
  • Anti-Choice Jane Abraham from the Susan B Anthony list
  • Paul Ryan, who has managed the House of Representatives to be in total collaboration of Donald Trump’s excesses and has managed through some of the worst legislation in US History as Speaker of the House. (Ryan, as this was published, announced he was not going to run for reelection … opening the door for IronStache to likely join Congress next January.)

  • Etc ..
  • Etc …
  • Etc …
Your friends, your ‘folks’, might not define you but they do “tell a lot about people”.  What do Barbara’s extremist friends tell you about her?

* Kakistocracy

Government by
least competent
least principled members of society.

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