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Paws & Read: 6 Reasons My Dad, Peter Volosin, is Running for Congress in the 6th District


by 6th CD Democratic candidate Peter Volosin‘s dog Rula 😉

My name is Rula and I’m a rescue dog.  When my dads, Peter and Malcolm, found me in a shelter in Mozambique, I had a nasty case of ear mites and a thick, grey patch of skin on my neck from being chained up.  I was also pretty nervous around humans.  With a lot of patience, my dads were able to heal my physical pain and my spirit.  They eventually brought me back to the United States and I’m super excited to tell you that my dad Peter is running for the Democratic nomination to represent Virginia’s 6th District in Congress.

Republicans looking to keep the status quo should be worried. Peter has bold ideas and the plans and experience to back them up.  My dad gave me a fresh start and he’s ready to help give the Blue Ridge a fresh start too. Here’s how:

  1. Peter doesn’t think anyone should be denied medical care just because of economic status. Peter is a former EMT and has seen first-hand how a person’s income can be the deciding factor in whether or not that person gets the medical care he or she needs. This is inhumane and just plain wrong. One of his top priorities is to make sure that everyone in America has access to quality, affordable healthcare.
  2. Peter supports improving public education that benefits everyone rather than funneling taxpayer dollars to private schools through voucher programs that only benefit a few. Peter’s mother was a teacher so Peter understands the value of education and our educators. He wants Congress to support pre-K and after school programs to provide educational resources beyond what is learned in school.
  3. Peter is a former union organizer and he understands the balance between corporate profits and fair wages and benefits. He is a champion for small business and small farms and he isn’t afraid to stand up to big corporations. Peter’s father was a restaurant owner so Peter knows that small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. At the same time, Peter is against the heavy-handed tactics used by big corporations that trample people’s rights. For example, companies shouldn’t be able to use eminent domain to take the property of private citizens to build pipelines for corporate profit. In the past, unions have helped workers ensure that their labor is valued fairly and that work environments are both safe and profitable.
  4. Peter knows that immigrants make our country great. Peter’s grandfather fled fascism in Italy and came to the United States to pursue the American dream. Peter’s husband is an immigrant with roots in Ireland and Belgium. Peter wants to create a path to citizenship for law-abiding people who pay taxes and contribute to the betterment of our country.
  5. Peter knows that our communities are better when everyone has the chance to succeed. Peter was fortunate to grow up with two working parents and a roof over his head, but about 108,000 people in the 6th District live below the poverty level. Many people are working multiple jobs and still relying on benefits like the SNAP program. Peter recently completed a “SNAP Challenge” during which he spent one week eating only meals prepared with groceries purchased for $32 at the beginning of the week. Peter understands that when basic needs aren’t met, people aren’t likely to succeed in school or at work. Peter wants to break the poverty cycle and help grow a strong economy where everyone who is willing to work hard has the opportunity to work at a good-paying job that allows them to get off government benefits.
  6. Too many people in our district are struggling to get by and that’s why Peter is not afraid of new ideas, regardless of whether they come from the left or the right. Healthcare is broken, public education is under attack, and the old ideas aren’t working. Peter wants to hear from everyone and if given the opportunity to go Washington, you can bet he will continue to listen to his constituents rather than play politics.

I may have been scared of humans when my dads first found me, but now I love meeting new volunteers!  The grassroots movement supporting Peter Volosin is growing every day. If you want to learn more about Peter’s ideas and plans, or if you want to help support his campaign, go to www.votevolosin.com.


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