Home Energy and Environment Press Conference Wednesday in Richmond Will Urge #StandWithRed #StreamByStream

Press Conference Wednesday in Richmond Will Urge #StandWithRed #StreamByStream


Want to “Stand with ‘Red'” on Wednesday? If interested, click here for more information. Nice job by everyone standing up for the environment and for the rights of courageous people like “Red.” 

On Wednesday, April 18. 2018, Northern Virginia legislators will hold a press conference in Richmond to speak about their concerns about the two massive fracked gas pipelines and tree sitters and water resources in eminent peril because of them.

We will Rally at Bank Street at 9:15 to greet Legislators as they enter the Pocahontas Building through the private entrance – Then walk to the Main Street entrance to join the press conference at 9:45 in the House Briefing Room. Seating capacity is 50-100. It is on the ground flood of the Pocahontas building through the set of glass double doors when you walk straight through the lobby after security. There should be a sign directing you to the correct door for the room. #StandWithRed #StreamByStream

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