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Running Tally of Results for the VA-05 Democratic Caucuses [UPDATED 4/18]


See below for a running total of delegates for each candidate (Leslie Cockburn, RD Huffstetler, Andrew Sneathern, Ben Cullop) for the VA-05 Democratic nominating caucuses. Note that there are 250 total delegates to be awarded, along with 82 alternates. For the caucus schedule, click here.

Locality Name Delegates Alternates Total
ALBEMARLE COUNTY 39 11 50 [18 delegates for Cockburn, 13 for Sneathern, 8 for Huffstetler]
APPOMATTOX COUNTY 5 2 7 [3 delegates for Cockburn, 1 for Sneathern, 1 uncommitted]
BUCKINGHAM COUNTY 6 2 8 [3 delegates for Cockburn, 2 for Huffstetler, 1 for Sneathern]
CAMPBELL COUNTY 15 5 20 [11 delegates for Cockburn, 4 for Sneathern]
CHARLOTTE COUNTY 5 2 7  [3 delegates for Sneathern, 2 delegates for Cockburn]
CUMBERLAND COUNTY 4 2 6 [2 delegates for Cockburn, 2 for Huffstetler]
FLUVANNA COUNTY 9 3 12 [4 delegates for Cockburn, 3 for Huffstetler, 2 for Sneathern]
FRANKLIN COUNTY 17 5 22 [13 delegates for Cockburn, 4 for Huffstetler]
HALIFAX COUNTY 11 4 15 [9 delegates for Cockburn, 2 for Sneathern]
HENRY COUNTY 5 2 7 [3 delegates for Huffstetler, 2 for Cockburn]
LUNENBURG COUNTY 5 2 7 [4 delegates for Cockburn, 1 for Huffstetler]
MADISON COUNTY 5 2 7 [3 delegates for Cockburn, 1 for Huffstetler, 1 for Sneathern]
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY 18 5 23 [11 delegates for Cockburn, 7 for Sneathern]
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY 4 2 6 [3 delegates for Cockburn, 1 for Huffstetler]
CD 5 TOTAL 250 82 332 [88 delegates for Cockburn, 34 for Sneathern, 25 for Huffstetler, 0 for Cullop, 1 uncommitted]

  • Kenneth Ferland

    It’s interesting to see how the results are in no way correlated with fundraising, Sneathern is outperforming Huffstetler by a large margin despite being out spend heavily.

    This is one of the principle benefits of a Caucus, it neutralizes monetary advantages and allows people without deep pockets to run competitively.

    Cockburn also looks to be on track to actually clinch the nomination before the convention itself and would then win on the first ballot. I had not thought that possible in a 4 way field, but it seems that Cullop is being shutout so it’s more of a 3 way race now.

    • BuckDem

      Yeah I’m kinda interested to see how Roger spent his money and yielded such little in return. Even with a caucus , money still gives you an advantage, albeit to a lesser extent. With more money he could have, in theory, opened more campaign offices throughout the district to support a stronger ground campaign, hired more staff to run those offices and hired strategists and consultants who specialize in caucuses to assist.

      • Kenneth Ferland

        The most important resource in a Caucus is candidate face time with voters and It seems he did not allocate enough of it out into the rural counties. I’m in Lunenberg and we never saw him till a last ditch meet and greet on the Wednesday before the Caucus, while Cockburn visited us twice and very early which is how she came very close to sweeping the county.

        I’ve also heard that Roger dose not come off as very genuine in person while Sneathern and Cockburn do. And lastly that Roger deployed his resources in anticipation of a primary while everyone else correctly anticipated the traditional caucus and deployed for that.

        • Anon for this

          Cockburn is about as genuine as a vegan hot dog. She has been great at buying delegates and harassing those who don’t comply.

          • BuckDem


            And I’m sure you have proof of this? Maybe even an article to cite? Because throwing around an accusation, especially one that’s so untrue, is quite Trump-like and belongs on /r/the_Donald, not BlueVirginia.

            In the end, all four candidates are Democrats and the only person who should be attacked here is Tom Garrett. Kenneth was not attacking RD; just relaying what others have felt. At a time when Dems are in the minority and need to stand united (or at least not appear divided), it’s disheartening to see people like you attacking one of our own.

          • Anon for this

            The Albemarle County party sent out an email about it. I think it would be fairly easy to obtain. The ones doing the dividing are those helicoptering in to run for office rather than thinking strategically about who could actually beat Tom Garrett.

          • Caroline Pfister

            I’m a delegate alternate for Leslie from Albemarle. These accusations are utterly false. Not only are we not paid or bullied, but there were more than twice as many people wanting to stand for her as she could use. There is great enthusiasm for this great lady.

  • Jamie

    Mama Sue would have known better.

  • Anon

    Boy do I hope Andrew can pull this out. Nominating a San Fransisco-raised heiress who refers to young black men as “boys” would be a real disaster in a seat we could potentially take back.

  • Reva Madison

    I was unable, at the last moment to attend. But, as I told all of the candidates callers, I would vote for whoever run, and had as of yet not made up my mind. I wanted to go to the Caucus and hear what others had to say before holding up my hand, or whatever they did to count people. There is the weakness in this method of selecting candidates, in that it is probably very dependent upon where he/she lives and who they know in their area. I have never attended one, I had hoped it wouldn’t come to that. All citizens in the district should have equal rights to put in their two cents worth, and not all could attend. Voting, in a real election is the only way to go. I ask those in charge to not allow this to happen again. Yeah, I know it costs money to hold an official vote, but again, its the fair thing to do. No matter which way it is done this time, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      The strength of a caucus is that it is local and personal, most participants make their choice based on direct contact with the candidate or with their neighbors who are advocating for a candidate.

      So it tests very important qualities of a candidate, are they actually inspiring enough to get people to spend some real time and go do the very kind of volunteer campaigning which is the backbone of a GOTV effort.

      Everyone is allowed to attend these Caucus, they are less convenient then a voting in a primary for the good reason to measure depth of support rather then the breadth of support. The depth of a candidates support is one of the best indicators of their chances in the general, so the caucus process gives us the best chance to have a win in November. And winning in November, not maximizing participation is the goal of the nomination process.

      • JK

        Choosing a candidate who the most amount of people support should be the aim. Caucuses severely limit who can actually participate, even if it is “open” to anyone. At the Albemarle caucus, most participants were white and over 65 years of age. That is hardly representative or democratic.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      Cockburn is clearly winning at this point, and were more then half way through the caucuses with only about 100 delegates left to pick and she would need only about 1/3 or the remaining delegates to have a majority.

      In fact it looks like she may be able to clinch the nomination early on Saturday morning before the final caucus in the evening. In either case it looks like their will be no contested convention.

      Also Cook just upgraded the 5th from Likely to Leaning, putting us in the place as the 2nd and 7th and just below the 10th which is ranked toss-up.

      • Yeah, she’s got a big lead with a dwindling number of delegates left. Would take a huge surge by Sneathern or Huffstetler at this point to catch her.

        • BuckDem

          Probably won’t happen – her supporters are loyal and fired up with momentum on their side.

          Coming from a Leslie supporter, I will say RD, Andrew, Ben and Adam were all class acts who I hope remain involved in local politics in the 5th. With the caucuses winding down, I hope we can unite to remove Tom Garrett!