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Tree Sitter Red Terry to Ralph Northam: “Hey Gov! I Am Quitting Smoking! YOU Quit This Pipeline!”


Just got this press release and will just add that I found Northam’s comments on WTOP yesterday, in addition to being blatantly false — insulting, beneath a physician, cheap shot, you name it. See video below the press release and judge for yourself!


Bent Mountain, VA – The Terry Family responded today to Governor Northam’s assertion that Red Terry quit smoking. “We could not be more disappointed in Governor Northam. We are fighting for our land and our water and he is trying to villainize our Red by telling her to quit smoking! If he really cared about our health, Dr. Ralph Northam would do all he can to stop this pipeline.”

Red Terry responded “Hey Gov! I am quitting smoking! You QUIT this Pipeline!”

Red Terry and her daughter, Minor, have been in two tree-sits in the foothills of Appalachia in Virginia since April 1st. They join several other tree sits in protest of the building of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the largest diameter pipeline in Virginia history. The pipeline would cut through the Terry’s property, with Red and Minor in tree-sits on their own property.

  • Minor Terry chimes in on her FB page:

    I’ve got a bit of battery on my phone and I just wanted to thank everyone that has come by, sent food and water to ground support, to everyone that has called government officials, to those that have given up time and energy to camp and be here with us and those that have reached out to my family and I to support us.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Whether you have been part of this battle since day one, or you just jumped in with both feet yesterday, I welcome you to this fight.

    My end goal is that this pipeline does not go through. Period. But I believe for us to reach that goal, we need to reach out to the agencies that should have done their job from the start : the DEQ, FERC, the water boards, the army corps of engineers – really any agency with the power of oversight who may actually see that this is a terrible idea.

    Sorry for being preachy, so I leave you with some photos. This first is my view of Camp Kickass. The officers and global security are behind me. The super shiney part is a small brook that is babbling through camp. The second photo is breakfast (and what I will get for lunch and dinner too)(Thankfully today’s meal includes two packs of mustard. Twice my meals have come with “salad dressing, which looked a lot like mayo…) . This meal meets all of my “nutritional needs”. If I had known that, I could have saved so much money on food all of these years! I kid – but in case anyone was curious, I am not a fan of baloney. Also, can we just talk about that juice bag!

    Signing out for a while guys. But keep up the fight while I’m up here. I’ll just be hanging out! (That never gets old).


  • Kay Ferguson

    Health notice to Ralph Northam: my head will officially blow off my shoulders, endangering me and those around me, if this man or sneer boy, Aaron Ruby, says one more time that the MVP & ACP is using the strictest environmental regulations in history, and using the law and science. These are lies. Health notice to the Democratic Party of Virginia: this is what political suicide looks like. There is no safety, health or compliance here.

  • Laura

    The Governor was in Roanoke on Tuesday. If he is sincerely concerned for Red’s health, why did he not check in on her himself—and at the same time experience the gorgeously wild creek, forest, and wetlands in their spring glory, see for himself this one spot out of thousands that will be blasted, trenched, drilled and ravaged? Meanwhile, we wait (and wait) for the date of that new public comment period to be announced. If the administration is so enamored of science and so confidant in DEQ’s commitment to protecting our water, what are they waiting for? Whose needs does the delay serve?