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Virginia 7th CD Voters, Please Save Us All from Dave Brat’s “authoritarian vengeance”…Before It’s Too Late


Hey Virginia 7th CD voters! Need any MORE reason to boot Dave “Get those darn women out of my grill!” Brat out of office this November? There are a million, of course, including the loony tunes being an embarrassment to your district. For instance, see Rep. Dave Brat (Extreme “R”) Likes Tweet Asking “Who Is Paying” Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. Student David Hogg, The Five Weirdest Things Dave “I’m an Economist!” Brat Said on “Moral Capitalism” Last Week, and of course Video: Rep. Dave Brat Unhinged…Women in His “Grill,” Higher Education Teaches “Catholics Are Evil,” etc. The latest? See below for a letter from Brat and several of his fellow extremist colleagues, “calling for the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton and a variety of other Obama administration appointees, career FBI officials, and even Trump appointee Dana Boente, who is currently the FBI’s general counsel.” As the brilliant Charles Pierce of Esquire writes, it “reeks of authoritarian vengeance,” coming from “the loudest nightbirds in the fever swamp” and “irreconcilable talk-radio conservatives, including Dave Brat, the man who replaced Eric Cantor and would very much like to replace the 20th Century.” It would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious a threat to our democracy and rule of law in this country. Virginia 7th CD voters, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the sake of America, vote Dave Brat the hell outta there in November!


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