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Weeks After Being Kicked Out of VA GOP, the Fairfax GOP Brings Back Bigot Into Leadership Position


Remember Fredy Burgos? The Virginia GOP Central Committee member who argued that a Jewish Republican shouldn’t be elected chair of the Fairfax County Republican Committee because of his religion? Also the guy who was the subject of these stories: VA GOP Central Committee Member Claims Long-Time Activist Resigned Due to “his cultural Marxist point of view”Leading VA Conservative Blog Calls Out “Disgusting,” Reprehensible” “Bigotry on [VA GOP] State Central” Committee (note that this same guy, Burgos, who called Islam a “death cult organized by Satan,” topped that one with a white supremacist rant about how the “idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracial marry or adopt non-white children” is a “cancer”, and “must be cut out.”); and “Anti-Semitic VA GOP Chair John Whitbeck Scolds Republican State Committee Member for Religious Bigotry.” 

Anyway, back in late March, the Virginia GOP finally voted this raving bigot off their Central Committee. That means he’s gone for good, right? Ha, of course not – this is the Virginia GOP, after all! Instead, as Bearing Drift reported earlier today, “newly-elected Fairfax County Republican Committee chairman Tim Hannigan [the guy Burgos supported over his Jewish opponent] has promoted Burgos to a position of leadership within FCRC.” The result?

Already, dozens of long-time, loyal Republican volunteers have walked away from FCRC, angered by Hannigan’s agenda, his embrace of divisive rhetoric, and his mishandling of the Burgos scandal. This includes a majority of FCRC’s magisterial district chairmen and many other key positions.

Further defections are likely in order.

Gotta love it, huh? By the way, it’s not just Burgos in FCRC leadership, but also people like Cathy Trauernicht, who in the aftermath of the Parkland, FL shootings attacked the “student-led” (her air quotes, not mine!) movement as akin to other “students have been used as pawns by tyrannical political movements”:

China’s failed leader, Mao Zedong, mobilized China’s student population to restore him to power after he had destroyed the country’s economy. Adolph Hitler mobilized “Hitler Youth” aged 10 – 18 to advance his political agenda. The Young Pioneer youth movement took root in many Communist countries during the last century – and even in the United States as part of the Communist Party USA.”

So yeah, the person who wrote that lunacy is another leader in the Fairfax County Republican Committee. I asked Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Dan Lagana what he thought of all this. His response:

Unsurprising. The FCRC is being run by the former editor of the Fairfax Free Citizen. Whatever thin veneer of honor and decency that covered the FCRC after [Chair Tim] Hannigan’s meek condemnation of Burgos during the latter’s campaign is now completely off. That they would place Burgos in such a position tells you how tone-deaf and out of step they are with Fairfax County voters.

That about sums it up. The Fairfax GOP has gone completely off its collective rocker.


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