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For Anyone Who (Wrongly) Thinks Nick Freitas Is Any Less Extreme than Corey Stewart or EW Jackson, Check Out His Craaazy Endorsers


Are you one of those people, perhaps in the corporate media, who for some weird reason thinks that Nick Freitas is any less extreme than EW Jackson or Corey Stewart? Even though on issue after issue, as we’ve seen at debate after debate, Freitas is just as hard right as the other two GOP candidates for U.S. Senate from Virginia? And even though Freitas is endorsed by a collection o’ crazies, like the State Senator who would like to criminalize miscarriages (e.g., women would have to report any miscarriages to the police, or face up to a year in jail!!!)? Yeah, “freedom” and “liberty” and all that – except for women and what they can/cannot do with their own bodies, I guess.

Anyway, Freitas is now out with a new “wave of endorsements (see below for his press release), and it’s quite a wave…of wackos. For instance:

Del. Dave LaRock (R) is the guy who, “According to the Winchester Star, Delegate LaRock said that transgender people have mental disorders and should not be permitted to be teachers.” So why is an anti-LGBT bigot like this supporting supposedly “libertarian” Freitas? Must be all that “freedom” and “liberty” again, I guess.

Del. Mark Cole (R) is focused on defending restrooms from those diabolical transgender people who have to pee. Cole’s also really into voter suppressiongun nuttiness, and wildly regressive taxation. So yeah, the guy’s about as far right as they come. And of course he’s supporting Nick Freitas.

Sen. Mike Lee (R) is, according to at least one study, “the most ideologically extreme senator serving today and the most conservative Utahn the state has ever sent to Washington… to the right of most Republicans on major issues from the budget to health care to immigration.” Lee is also a climate science denier and, as if that’s not bad enough, an endorser of theocrat and accused child molester Roy Moore who also voted against a ban on torture. And he loooves Nick Freitas! Hmmm.

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R), who…well, check this out and decide for yourself.

Former Trump Virginia State Director Mark Lloyd (R), who – according to this RTD story from back in February, “made derogatory Facebook posts about women as recently as November,” such as “…this crazy commie b*tch is having a meltdown” (about the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico) and “This is filed under ‘TOO BAD, Bitch'” (about “a CBS News executive who had complained about being fired”). So since that story came out in February, Freitas has not only not condemned Lloyd, he has proudly kept him on his list of endorsers. Fascinating.

Del. Brenda Pogge (R), who claimed back in March that “it’s not guns that kill people” and asked, “the question I have for mommy and daddy, are you ready to take those video games away from your kids?” Another proud Freitas endorser.

I could go on all day with this, but you get the idea. Let’s see if the media and others who continue to believe that Freitas is any less extreme than EW Jackson or Corey Stewart finally wake up and smell the crazy.


U.S. Senate Candidate Nick Freitas Announces New Wave of Endorsements


CULPEPER, VA – Virginia Delegate and Republican Candidate for United States Senate Nick Freitas released a new wave of endorsements including John Adams, Republican nominee for Attorney General.

“As a veteran, I know Nick has the fortitude to stand firmly on his principles and provide the committed leadership Virginians deserve,” Adams said.

With less than 30 days until Virginia’s GOP primary, Del. Freitas has received wide-ranging support across the Commonwealth.

Below are more of Del. Nick Freitas’ new endorsements:

– Virginia Delegate Rob Bell
– Virginia Delegate Kathy J. Byron
– Virginia Delegate Matthew Fariss
– Virginia Delegate “Buddy” Fowler, Jr.
– Virginia Delegate Dave LaRock
– Virginia Delegate Mark Cole

Del. Freitas’ current endorsements:

– United States Senator Rand Paul
– United States Senator Mike Lee
– Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
– Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul
– Virginia House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert
– Virginia State Senator Bill Carrico
– Virginia State Senator Bill DeSteph
– Virginia State Senator Mark J. Peake
– Virginia State Senator Bill Stanley
– Virginia State Senator Glen H. Sturtevant, Jr.
– Virginia State Senator Dave Suetterlein
– Virginia Delegate Brenda Pogge
– Virginia Delegate Chris Head
– Virginia Delegate Jason Miyares
– Virginia Delegate Nick Rush
– Virginia Delegate Mike Webert
– Morton Blackwell, Virginia National Committeeman
– Denver Riggleman, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate
– Ben Slone, 7th District Chairman
– Paul Prados, 11th District Chairman
– Mark Lloyd, Trump Virginia State Director
– Mike Rubino, Trump Virginia Senior Adviser
– Bishop Leon Benjamin, Former Trump Surrogate
– Martha Boneta, Conservative Activist
– Rick Buchanan, Virginia Tea Party Federation
– Phil Rapp, Former Chief of Staff to Dave Brat


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