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VA GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Brags About Being Endorsed by #5 “Worst U.S. Purveyors of Antisemitism”


What is it with the VA GOP and anti-Semitism, anyway? For starters, of course, there was this (“John Whitbeck, currently the most famous district Republican committee chair in Virginia, defended a joke he told on Tuesday about the ‘head of the Jewish faith’ presenting a bill to the Pope.”). And then there was this (“A GOP Central Committee Member Argues Jewish Republican Shouldn’t Be Elected Because of His Religion; Will VA GOP Do Anything?”). And now there’s this:

So what’s anti-Semitic about that, you ask? Here are a few links if Ron Paul’s long history of anti-Semitic behavior has slipped down the ol’ memory hole…

So yeah, Ron Paul isn’t just a long-time, vehement anti-Semite, he’s also a racist and a far-right extremist more broadly. So why is 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate candidate Del. Nick Freitas bragging about being endorsed by this guy? Does Freitas share Paul’s abhorrent values? If not, then why be “excited” about such an endorsement? Hmmmm…

P.S. I wonder if VA GOP Chair John Whitbeck will be consistent and move to kick Freitas out of the party, along with Fredy Burgos.


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