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Photos, Report: “Nutty has not been supplied with food since April 6…May 14 is day 48” (and what’s with that security?!?)


The following report, including photos, is courtesy of Virginia Tech Associate Professor Emily Satterwhite

Here is an update on the individuals participating in the starvation of Nutty, the water protector in Jefferson National Forest. On May 4, the mood on Nutty Ridge was particularly hostile. You can see in the photos how K. Ballew reacted upon realizing that I was taking pictures. She gets up, looks through binoculars, and then she and Harrison come up into camp to take pictures and wander around, then stand on the other side of the arbitrary closure line to stare at us.

Later that day, we yelled as workers for MVP (yellow construction vests) yet again drove their tall ATV under Nutty, hitting the lines that hold her pole in place. Only Brooks even bothered to go over to supervise. Then there are some (fuzzy) photos from May 12-13, when the personnel on duty mostly hid from us. Finally, you can see some additional photos of USFS and Global Security from a variety of dates. All of them accept a pay check in return for starving Nutty.

On Nutty Ridge alone, there are 5 USFS and 2 Global Security contractors posted 24/7, supervised by Price (the only local), Ballew, and Willet. There are additional guards posted near Deckard the tree sitter along the AT on the WV side.

Nutty has not been supplied with food since April 6. Today, May 14, is day 48 of Nutty’s blockade demanding that the National Forest acknowledge the public good and end their support of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

I am still waiting for a notice of my court date for allegedly violating the closure order the last time I took photos (Earth Day, April 22).

Governor Northam (804) 786-2211

National Forest Service, Vicki Christiansen, Interim Chief, 202-205-1661

Senator Tim Kaine, (540) 682-5693 – Thank him for pressing USFS to offer food and water to Nutty.

Donate: bit.ly/SupportMVPResistance
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