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Edwin Santana: Rep. Rob Wittman Does Nothing on Better Broadband Access, Other Than Plagiarize My Words About the Need for It


by Edwin Santana, Democratic candidate for Congress in VA-01

I wonder who told Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) a story about kids doing their homework in McDonalds’ parking lots or at the local library because of a lack of internet at home. Oh wait, he’s probably just watching our weekly Community Talks. If Wittman had been doing his job and travelling the district listening to folks, holding regular town halls and addressing the issues that families in the 1st are dealing with, maybe he wouldn’t have to crib lines from his opponents during one of his rare public appearances.

Back in January of 2017, in Northumberland County, at the first Democratic Committee meeting I attended after entering this race, I noted that even before folks spoke about Trump, the economy, or anything else, they talked about their lack of broadband internet access — and how Rob Wittman was doing absolutely nothing to address it, while only paying lip service to the issue. And so have I, for over a year now. This March, for instance, here’s what I had to say about the need for better broadband coverage in VA01.

Men and women and kids are using broadband as a necessity now. I’ve heard stories when traveling around the district about parents that had to take their kids to the McDonalds’ parking lot and let their kids sit in the car and do their homework because they didn’t get wi-fi at home I’ve heard them have to take their children to the local library and sit in the parking lot do their homework from there because they don’t have access to high-speed internet at home

Now, see below for Rep. Wittman’s quote in a recent email he sent out to the district. In the email, Wittman writes, “It is no longer acceptable for families to be spending late nights in the parking lot of the local library or McDonalds as their children use Wi-Fi to finish their homework.

Sound familiar? Yes, it did to me too – because that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, almost word for word, for around a year now. It’s touching that Rep. Wittman thinks so highly of me, and watches me so closely, that he’s now borrowing my words. But what’s Wittman done about this issue? Absolutely nothing – except to parrot back my words on the subject.

The bottom line is that, after ten years of a do-nothing Congressman, #VA01 has had enough. America’s First District is ready to send a progressive Representative to DC to fight for working families and their interests and with your support, we will send Wittman packing in November!

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