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Audio: Trump-Supporting, Conservative Radio Host Rips Corey Stewart for Ties to Racists, Anti-Semite; Urges Fellow Conservatives, “Do not vote for Corey Stewart, please!”


Conservative and Trump supporter Aaron Gulbransen really ripped Corey Stewart on his radio show today; thought you might all enjoy listening. See below for the full audio (only 9 minutes long and lots of good stuff); here are some highlights, bolding added by me for emphasis. Enjoy!

  • “I’m going to advocate against [Corey Stewart’s] candidacy every show, every chance I get on social media, because I believe that this is a fight for the heart and soul of what it means to be a conservative and a Republican.”
  • “I have drawn the attention now of not only Corey Stewart supporters calling me a RINO and a “Never Trumper” – which is clear I’m not a Never Trump, I will vote for the president again – I’m also getting called a communist and some other words I don’t want to repeat on the air by Jason Kessler supporters…They’re so brazen about their hate, they’re so brazen about trying to intimidate people…These people are not conservatives.”
  • [They then call Corey Stewart’s phone number and get his voice mail, which is full. Their response: “Bye Corey! Apparently Corey was too flaccid to answer the phone when he saw that it was us calling.”]
  • “One of the many questions I was gonna ask him was…his campaign in response to Paul Nehlen, who was the guy sharing the Nazi stuff, who’s the guy [is] anti-Jew, ran against Paul Ryan…like the third attempt to get him to disavow him was his sort of flaccid response which was, ‘well I endorsed him before he did all that, you know he said all those things.’ As it comes out, no, he endorsed him about two or three months after he came out as an avowed anti-Semite.”
  • “Corey likes to hang out with these guys and then when he gets called on it, he sort of backs away. But he’s got bodyguards at his political events from the League of the South [what is the League of the South?] Let’s just say they share a lot of common members with the Ku Klux Klan…people you’d love to have over for dinner if you’re David Duke. But yeah, this is just utterly sick.”
  • This is actually really funny; this whole wrapping of the Confederate flag in the worst of ways…that Corey does is ironic considering the fact that Corey is from Minnesota…he’s a transplant, he’s not a native Virginian…yeah, this is completely politics at its worst.”
  • It’s really the moral issue; when you hang out around people like Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler and Isaac Smith, and if you go on these people’s Facebook pages and Twitters, it turns your stomach. I mean there’s Third Reich Nazi symbols on their pages. I think the Republican Party of Virginia leadership – and when I say leadership, I mean the chairman John Whitbeck – is irresponsible by wrapping around him…Do not vote for Corey Stewart, please.”


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