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EW Jackson’s Closing Argument Is Essentially That Nick Freitas, Corey Stewart and Their Supporters Hate Each Other’s Guts


Gotta love this closing argument by E.W. Jackson in the Virginia GOP U.S. Senate primary (see video, below). In short, Jackson makes the case that although there are “three good people running,” “my two competitors…Nick Freitas, Corey Stewart…they don’t like or respect each other; in fact, they quite DISLIKE each other…if either of them wins the nomination, there’s going to be bad blood as soon as the election is over.”

According to Jackson, “the reality is that Nick and Corey can not STAND each other…the accusations that have been flying back and forth – ‘racist’, ‘never Trumper’, ‘sanctuary city supporter’…each of them is going to have a hard time supporting the other because so many ugly things have been said.” For once, I actually agree with Jackson on something; no doubt that Corey and Nick despise each other.

As an added bonus, Jackson rips into former Lt. Governor Bill Bolling for costing the Cooch/Jackson/Obenshain ticket the 2013 Virginia statewide election (according to Jackson, Bolling went around “bad mouthing the ticket, bad mouthing Ken, getting everybody that he could NOT to vote for our ticket”).

Finally, Jackson challenges Virginia Republicans: “Be honest with yourself, do you think that the people who support Nick Freitas are going to enthusiastically behind Corey Stewart? Do you think that the people who support Corey Stewart are going to enthusiastically behind Nick Freitas?” The short answer is, of course they won’t. But every Virginia Republican voter can, in Jackson’s view, unify behind…yep, him. As I said, you’ve gotta love this stuff…if you’re a Virginia Democrat, that is. 🙂


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