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FINAL Results: Blue Virginia Readers Think Winners Tuesday Will Be Santana (VA01), Luria (VA02), Volosin (VA06), Spanberger (VA07), Flaccavento (VA09), Wexton (VA10)


Note that this is NOT a question about who you support for the Democratic nominations, but who you think will win them. I’ll keep these open until the end of next week. Remember to vote in the actual election, of course, on June 12.

  • Roger Miller

    You forgot to ask about the Stanley Cup. Where’s your loyalty?

    • We know who’s going to win that; no need to ask. 😉

      • Anthony Shifflett

        Oh. The Stanley Cup is not a lock, but I am speaking out of turn. Don’t follow the sport.

        Will say that I think winter sports should be played in the winter.

        • mehworth

          NHL season starts in October.

  • Roger Miller

    Virginia Dems have a solid chance to add 4 female representatives to our 4 sitting congressmen. This is a one time opportunity because of the vulnerability of some billionaire-oriented Republican incumbents. And because 3 of our candidates are proud non-politicians. All four are currently the top fundraisers among all of our Dem candidates. Admittedly our congressional delegation is a tiny part of the real world. But it’s a start.

    First we need to nominate each with giant voter turnout. Then support all four. One is not enough.

    Congressional gender equity would set a new standard for the national party and flip the conversation about future candidates for governor and senator.

  • Anthony Shifflett

    I voted in VA 10, my district. Voted for Helmer, but I realize that Wexton looks to have it.

    God help us. This is soooo important and she just is NOT ready for prime time.

    • dave schutz

      I don’t actually have opinions on who is going to win these races, but I see a chance to bang the drum for my hobby horse, ranked choice voting. Take a look at what has happened in 10 – the other candidates saw attacking Wexton as the best way to preserve a possibility of winning. If you have ranked choice, the incentives flip, and people say things like ‘many attractive candidates, and I would love to be your number one choice but if you give your #1 to someone else, can I be your #2’. It is much easier for a nominee to win in the general if there haven’t been five other people saying mean things about him/her in the primary!

      • Yeah, I’m all for it, but the people you have to convince are not on this blog, they are mostly Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly. Good luck!

        • dave schutz

          The Reeps have the same problem – in the last gubernatorial primary all three candidates had incentive to be slashing at each other, and Northam had the advantage of the damage Stewart (Wagner was actually pretty gentlemanly) had inflicted on Gillespie.

    • David

      Of you don’t mind me asking, why Helmer? I’m curious because I’ve spoken to supporters of just about every other candidate except for Helmet and personally, I don’t see the appeal of him over some of the other candidates.

    • Why would you say the only candidate with elected experience is not ready for prime time? She’s been elected handily twice, has done a terrific job raising money from small and large individual donors, has a great track record getting her bills through in the state senate, and speaks well in impromptu settings. Please clarify your statement.

  • True Blue

    My question: how many primary voters will try to disrupt primary results by crossing over to the opposite party? I personally don’t practice that form of voting, a.k.a. trumpery.

    Although I don’t envision Democratic voters in District 10 doing so in great numbers (with stakes so high and so many candidates), I wonder if Republicans would do so to “select” their choice for OUR Democratic nominee? Are Republicans that assured of a Comstock primary win? Would they choose OUR nominee with an ulterior motive such as picking a nominee for whom Comstock would have a lot of oppo research or paint as a radical?

    While Comstock conveniently avoids town halls and constituents at every opportunity, she still has a war chest whereas the greater total of Democratic donations are split between the six. Will Dump Comstock have as much impact as a paid “tracker?”

    • notjohnsmosby

      The only time this occurs – and it rarely has a measurable effect – is when just one party is having a primary. In the 10th, I don’t there there will be any crossover at all, since everyone has a very vested interest in voting in their own party’s primary. Shak Hill won’t beat Comstock, but he is doing a good job of being a pain in the ass to her. Republicans will come out pretty well to protect her. I don’t think Republicans will come out for the Senate primary, since only the real wingnuts think any of the three stooges running has a chance of beating Tim Kaine. But, in the 10th, there won’t be any “Operation Chaos” stuff going down.

  • sunnydalebetty

    I’ve never seen the polls on this website. Is it just a browser thing? I use Google Chrome.

    • What do you mean?

      • sunnydalebetty

        This is what I see. Then a bunch of white space:

        Note that this is NOT a question about who you support for the Democratic nominations, but who you think will win them. I’ll keep these open until the end of next week. Remember to vote in the actual election, of course, on June 12.

        • sunnydalebetty

          Yep – just pulled up the page in Safari, and I see a poll, and an opportunity to vote.

          • I’m using Chrome, everything looks fine…so, no clue what’s going on.

        • Huh, got me…anyone else having this problem? We’re getting a lot of votes, and nobody has ever reported this problem before, so maybe clear your cache and see what happens?

  • Rich Webb

    In a question related to “Who do you think will win?” why is the SCRAPAC, which is supporting the reelection of Scott Taylor (R-VA02) making robocalls chastising Elaine Luria (running in the VA02 primary against Karen Mallard) for voting for Scott Taylor in 2016.

    Now, I’m really not too excited to have a Dem on the ballot who voted Repub two years ago and I don’t want to get too 11-dimensional chess but is SCRAPAC dropping logs in Luria’s path in order to boost Mallard, whom they may think is the weaker candidate, or could it be a that a group supporting Taylor messages against Luria to create a backlash in favor of Luria, whom they can pound in the general for supporting Taylor two years ago.

    I may be over-thinking this …

    • What is SCRAPAC?

      • Adam

        State Conservative Reform Action PAC. It looks like their a PAD that only supports three candidates with Scott Taylor being one of them.

    • Adam

      You’re not over thinking it. Mallard’s a much weaker candidate. No doubt Scott Taylor would prefer to go against her over Elaine.

  • Looks like the VA-10 PredictIt market has now settled in…


  • m_jenkins

    You guys in Virginia want some liberals. We are out here in California and slowly but surely taking our state back from the democrat demolition crew. I’m sure that eventually it is going to become so inhospitable for the dems out here that they will be packing up and leaving. That is unless the dems are able to start a civil war with their gun grabbing agenda.

    • David

      Dude, you’re so delusional it’s hilarious! Please post here more often. I read BlueVirginia throughout the day and sometimes need a good laugh.

      After getting shut out of the Senate race and failing to shut out any Liberals in Orange County, I’d say you have a little more work to do to slowly but surely take back your California. If things don’t go as planned though, may I suggest moving to Somalia. It’s highly conservative with little government and guns everywhere. Sounds like it’d be a dream for someone like you.

      And no need to worry about a Civil War. Us liberals understand time is on our side. We just have to wait out the conservative baby boomers who’s population decrease is likely to accelerate thanks to GOP efforts to take health care away and the mandate for us young liberals to pay for it for you.

      Best of luck to you my friend! 🙂