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So Who Is Corey Stewart Exactly? Here’s Who Corey Loves – and Who Loves Him Back. And Hates – and Who Hates Him Back.


So, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart is now the Virginia Republican Party’s 2018 nominee for U.S. Senate. That means it’s time for all Virginians to learn more about who this guy is, including who is friends and enemies are, who he loves and hates, etc. See below for a start at doing that, with photos, video, etc. giving a flavor for Corey Stewart’s illustrious – ok, maybe not! LOL – career. Enjoy?

Corey LOVES Neo-Confederates, the Confederacy and “white nationalists”

Far-right/House “Freedom Caucus” Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA07) is a friend of Corey’s of course

Corey loves guns. And white guys with REALLY big guns. And the NRA. And gun guys in general – they LOOOOVE Corey and Corey loves ’em back!

Donald Trump of course; Corey is Mini-Me Trump, or as Corey says, “I was Trump before Trump.”

Corey loves crazy conspiracy theories

Corey loves claiming he doesn’t know any white supremacists, while blasting Republicans who condemned the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who caused mayhem and death in Charlottesville

Corey loves threatening to rip his opponent’s face off

Corey loves threatening to run a “brutal,” “ruthless,” “cutthroat” campaign against people he calls “enemies” of America

Corey loves threatening to lock up people he disagrees with politically

Corey loves border walls

Corey apparently loves, or at least is cool with, anti-Semites and Islamophobes

Corey loves talking about throwing people in jail…except for Trump and his corrupt administration, of course

Corey loves restricting a woman’s right to decide, with her doctor, what to do regarding her own private, personal medical decisions

Corey loves one of the most truly evil people in America, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Corey loves calling people “Antifa” and attacking Tim Kaine’s family

Corey loves Trump thug Roger Stone, who says he is ready for civil war

Corey loves figures from the far-right fever swamps…

Corey loves extremist and sexual predator Roy Moore

Corey has a love-hate relationship with Virginia GOP Chair John Whitbeck, one minute calling for his resignation, the next minute all “kumbaya”

Non-batshit-crazy Republicans, like two-term Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (R), definitely do NOT love Corey

Corey is not a fan of the human beings – 99% of whom are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their kids in this country – he calls “illegals,” “radical illegal aliens,” MS-13 members, etc.

Corey really doesn’t believe in equality for LGBT people or that they should be treated with respect and dignity

Corey HATES the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which should be…uh, awkward, now that he’s the Virginia GOP’s nominee for U.S. Senate from Virginia! LOL

Corey absolutely hates high school kids with the audacity to stand up to the gun lobby after a gun massacre occurred at their school

Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox, and any Republican member of the Virginia General Assembly who supported Medicaid expansion, is clearly NOT a Corey Stewart fan (and vice versa)

Corey really doesn’t like George Soros or “globalists”

Corey is NOT a fan of Virginia’s universities

Corey’s REALLY not a fan of anyone he considers to be an “establishment” Republican (or as he says in the video, “establishment pukes”), including Ed Gillespie

Virginia Delegate Glenn Davis (R) is REALLY not a fan of Corey’s, and presumably that feeling is mutual!

Corey definitely doesn’t like the film “9500 Liberty,” which I strongly recommend that every Virginia voter watch if they want to understand how long Corey’s been at his demaoguery, xenophobia, etc. (note: I’ve been covering it since 2007)


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