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Video: “The Truth Is in The Proof” Highlights “Utter Deceit” by Dominion on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Excellent video, strongly recommend everyone watch it!

  • “Some of the comments in FERC’s environmental impact statement for the Atlantic Coast pipeline are so juvenile that I think a fifth grader would understand that it’s done it’s not true”
  • The pipeline can “not be built without extreme damage to the streams and the landscape…the technology is not available to allow construction on this scale straight up and down hillsides like…ordinary routine best management practices haven’t been demonstrated to work in these kinds of conditions”
  • “Dominion has done everything it could to resist providing the detailed plans, and most of the agencies have played along and not required them to provide that level of detail”
  • “One of the dimensions of this fight that has bothered me the most and continues to
    bother me by having once been lobbyists is the utter deceit with which Dominion has dealt with local officials in particular they have intimidated them they have threatened them they have made promises they can’t keep and they’ve also done this with other levels of government and I think it’s shameful”

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