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Rep. Dave Brat’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds: Assault-on-the-Chesapeake-Bay Edition


You might have missed it, because it happened late last night (when nobody was watching, of course!), but this horrible amendment by Rep. Bob BADlatte (R-VA06) actually passed the House of Representatives last night (on a 213-202, overwhelmingly party-line vote).

A measure that would hobble enforcement of Chesapeake Bay cleanup is set for a House floor vote this week, after passing out of the Rules Committee late Monday.

The measure was introduced by U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke, and would forbid using federal funds to take action against bay states that fail to meet their anti-pollution targets.

So yeah, BADlatte strikes again, this time against protecting the national/regional treasure known as the Chesapeake Bay.

But it wasn’t just BADlatte who voted for this sewage runoff of a bill. It was also 210 other Republicans, including our old pal Dave Brat (R, VA-07). What makes Brat particularly heinous, aside from his usual heinousness, is the massive hypocrisy in Brat’s case. Why do I say that? Because Brat voted for the BADlatte screw-the-Chesapeake-Bay amendment just weeks after, cynically and insincerely, he introduced H.Res.912 (“Recognizing the importance of the Chesapeake Bay and supporting the efforts and goals of the Clean the Bay Day”).

Again, this was blatant hypocrisy by Brat, although totally predictable I suppose, given how dishonest this guy is about everything. But the bottom line for VA-07 voters to know is that Brat talks a decent game on the Chesapeake Bay, but then turns around and votes to trash it. Why would VA-07 want someone like this representing them? I can’t even imagine a good reason. In November, I urge everyone in VA-07 to vote instead for Abigail Spanberger, who unlike Brat understands that the environment needs to be protected for “generations to come by investing in alternative and renewable energy sources and decreasing air and water pollution.” As an added bonus, Spanberger also knows that climate change is real (I mean, obviously!), something that Brat clearly doesn’t understand either. Just ditch this loser already!



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