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TOMORROW: Will Denver Riggleman (VA-05) Join Corey Stewart in Danville? 


From the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA):

TOMORROW: Will Denver Riggleman (VA-05) join Corey Stewart in Danville? 

Richmond, VA – Tomorrow, Corey Stewart will travel to Danville, in the heart of Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, to continue bashing Danville as a city that has been “destroyed.” What has not been made public is whether Denver Riggleman, Republican nominee for Congress in VA-05, will appear alongside Corey, the head of the VA GOP ticket, in Danville tomorrow.

Riggleman, who has continually refused to answer whether he will campaign with Corey Stewart, has also refused to condemn Corey for his recent smears of Danville. Local news outletseditorial boards, and community leaders have all swiftly condemned Corey for his unsubstantiated insults on Danville, but Riggleman has remained deafeningly silent.

Corey Stewart’s Danville campaign stunt this Friday poses an important question for Denver Riggleman that Virginians in the 5th district want to know – will Denver Riggleman join Corey Stewart in the face of his shameless attacks on Danville, or will he once again remain silent and refuse to stand up for a city he wants to represent in Congress?

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker, a native of Highland County, Virginia, called on Denver to pick a side in Corey Stewart’s campaign against Danville.

“As a proud native of rural Virginia, I really get steamed any time a politician disparages us. And that is exactly what Corey did when he insulted Danville at  Saturday’s debate. As I’ve said before, Danville is on the move and we need to lift people up, not put them down. Denver Riggleman needs to show rural Virginians his true colors tomorrow: either join Corey in Danville and bash the city alongside him or immediately condemn Corey for his smears of a place that is on the rise.”



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