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Video: Tim Kaine Says November Gives Us “Wonderful Opportunity” to Send Message “About Who We Are and Who We Aren’t”

In STARK contrast to Virginia Republicans, Kaine says he is proud and excited to be campaigning with Democratic Congressional candidates.


Sen. Tim Kaine, speaking in Charlottesville yesterday, hits the nail on the head when he says that the November 2018 elections give us all a “wonderful opportunity” to send a message about “who we are and who we aren’t.” That’s why we need to put our pedals to the metal – floor it! – and make sure that Tim Kaine doesn’t just win in November, but absolutely CRUSHED neo-Confederate Corey Stewart.

I also found it very revealing that Kaine talked about how Democrats “are a team,” and that – unlike Corey Stewart and the dysfunctional, extreme Virginia Republicans, who are busy running away from Corey and the party (e.g., VA GOP Chair John Whitbeck just quit, and it’s not clear anyone wants the job) – he is “excited” and “proud” to be campaigning with “every one” of Virginia’s Democratic House of Representatives candidates.

P.S. Kaine also gives a shoutout to Virginia House Democratic Leader David Toscano and to Virginia General Assembly Democrats for their votes to expand Medicaid, which Kaine said “did the most good for the most Virginians in the history of the General Assembly.”

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