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Who Supports/Opposes the Fracked-Gas Pipelines in Virginia? A Tentative List; Let’s “Crowdsource” This


As far as I’m aware, every elected Republican in the state – other than perhaps Delegates Greg Habeeb (who is resigning) – is either supportive of the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast fracked-gas pipelines, or at best neutral. Other than that, here’s where elected Virginia Democrats stand, as far as I can determine, based largely on signatories to several letters – “VERE” (Virginia Environment &  Renewable Energy Caucus ) on April 17, 2018; legislators’ comments to the State Water Control Board on June 15, 2018; the latest (July 26, 2018) letter to Gov. Northam; and the April 18, 2018 press conference in Richmond (“State Legislators Stand in Support of Peaceful Protesters in Mountain Valley and Raise Concerns on Impact of Pipelines on Virginia’s Water”). Re: those who are listed as supporting the pipelines, check out this March 11, 2016 letter from the Hampton Roads Caucus to Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner. I’m sure I’m missing stuff, so please let me know if you’re aware of other sources I should be using. Thanks.

Note that the problem is that a lot of these people have been silent on the pipelines, so it’s very hard to know what they think. And some Democrats have been inconsistent; for instance, signing one letter but then not taking any other action, or stating that they were FOR the pipelines a year ago, but now saying they have concerns. For those reasons and others, I intend this list as more a work in progress – one that I hope can be “crowd sourced” by Blue Virginia readers – than any kind of final, definitive list.  If you think any of these elected Democrats should be in different categories, please weigh in and explain why, in the comments section. Thanks again!

P.S. Also, if any elected Democrat would like to clarify their position on the pipelines, please contact me at lowell@raisingkaine.com.

P.P.S. Also worth noting is 18 Virginia Democratic Committees Issue Joint Statement Opposing Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline (Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Franklin County, Warren County, Scott County, Shenandoah County, Charlotte County, Salem City, Rockbridge County, Occoquan District, Lexington City, Nelson County, Madison County, 6th CD, Northumberland County, Fauquier County, Craig County, Prince Edward County, Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Albemarle County), Arlington Dems Join Loudoun Dems In Urging Stream-by-Stream Analysis on Mountain Valley, Atlantic Coast Pipelines and Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Dan Lagana: #StandWithRed to protect Virginia’s land and water.

Gov. Ralph Northam
*State Sen. Monty Mason (SD-01)
*State Sen. Mamie Locke (SD-02)
*State Sen. Lionell Spruill (SD-05)
*State Sen. Lynwood Lewis (SD-06)
*State Sen. Louise Lucas (SD-18)
Del. David Reid (HD-32)
***Del. Karrie Delaney (HD-67)
*Del. Steve Heretick (HD-79)
*Del. Matthew James (HD-80)
Del. John Bell (HD-87)
*Del. Joseph Lindsey (HD-90)
*Del. Jeion Ward (HD-92)
*Del. Marcia Price (HD-95)

Sen. Mark Warner
Rep. Gerry Connolly (VA-11)
Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax
Attorney General Mark Herring
State Sen. Jennifer McClellan (SD-09)
State Sen. Rosalyn Dance (SD-16)
State Sen. Adam Ebbin (SD-30)
State Sen. Barbara Favola (SD-31)
State Sen. Janet Howell (SD-32)
State Sen. Jennifer Wexton (SD-33)
State Sen. Dick Saslaw (SD-35)
State Sen. Scott Surovell (SD-36)
State Sen. Dave Marsden (SD-37)
State Sen. George Barker (SD-39)
Del. Kelly Fowler (HD-21)
Del. Vivian Watts (HD-39)
Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (HD-41)
Del. Mark Sickles (HD-43)
Del. Charniele Herring (HD-46)
Del. Luke Torian (HD-52)
Del. David Toscano (HD-57)
Del. Lashrecse Aird (HD-63)
Del. Betsy Carr (HD-69)
Del. Delores McQuinn (HD-70)
Del. Jeff Bourne (HD-71)
Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg (HD-72)
Del. Lamont Bagby (HD-74)
Del. Roslyn Tyler (HD-75)
Del. Cheryl Turpin (HD-85)
Del. Jennifer Boysko (HD-86)
Del. Jay Jones (HD-89)
Del. Mike Mullin (HD-93)

Sen. Tim Kaine
Rep. Don Beyer (VA-08)
Rep. Donald McEachin (VA-04)
Rep. Bobby Scott (VA-03)
State Sen. Creigh Deeds (SD-25)
State Sen. Jeremy McPike (SD-29)
State Sen. John Edwards (SD-21)
State Sen. Chap Petersen (SD-34)
Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD-02)
Del. Wendy Gooditis (HD-10)
Del. Sam Rasoul (HD-11) – extra points to Del. Rasoul for consistent, “above-and-beyond” leadership on this issue.
Del. Chris Hurst (HD-12) – extra points to Del. Hurst for consistent, “above-and-beyond”
Del. Danica Roem (HD-13)
**Del. Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31)
Del. Kathleen Murphy (HD-34)
Del. Mark Keam (HD-35) – extra points to Del. Keam for consistent, “above-and-beyond” leadership on this issue.
Del. Ken Plum (HD-36)
Del. David Bulova (HD-37)
Del. Kaye Kory (HD-38)
Del. Kathy Tran (HD-42)
Del. Paul Krizek (HD-44)
Del. Mark Levine (HD-45)
Del. Patrick Hope (HD-47)
Del. Rip Sullivan (HD-48)
Del. Alfonso Lopez (HD-49) – extra points to Del. Lopez for consistent, “above-and-beyond” leadership on this issue.
Del. Lee Carter (HD-50)
Del. Hala Ayala (HD-51)
Del. Marcus Simon (HD-53)
Del. Dawn Adams (HD-68)
Del. Debra Rodman (HD-73)
Del. Cliff Hayes (HD-77)

Del. Sam Rasoul (see here)
Del. Alfonso Lopez (see here)
State Sen. John Edwards (SD-21) (source)
Del. Mark Keam (HD-35)
Del. Christ Hurst (HD-12)

Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD-02)
Del. Wendy Gooditis (HD-10)
Del. Sam Rasoul (HD-11)
Del. Christ Hurst (HD-12)
Del. Danica Roem (HD-13)
Del. Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31)
Del. Mark Keam (HD-35)
Del. Ken Plum (HD-36)
Del. Kaye Kory (HD-38)
Del. Mark Levine (HD-45)
Del. Patrick Hope (HD-47)
Del. Alfonso Lopez (HD-49)
Del. Lee Carter (HD-50)
Del. Hala Ayala (HD-51)
Del. Marcus Simon (HD-53)
Del. Dawn Adams (HD-68)
Del. Debra Rodman (HD-73)
Sen. Creigh Deeds (SD-25)
Sen. Jeremy McPike (SD-29)
Sen. Chap Petersen (SD-34

*Source: March 2016 letter to Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine re: “Support for Atlantic Coast Pipeline”
**Stated in her Blue Virginia interview prior to the 2017 Democratic primary that she supported the pipelines. UPDATE 8/6 – Del. Guzman emailed me the following statement: “I have some concerns about the projects as I did before, and I am fearful of the impact these pipelines might have on the environment might be irreversible and overwhelmingly catastrophic in the long run. We need to revoke the 401 certifications issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines and stop all work on them immediately. A comprehensive stream-by-stream analysis must be performed by the DEQ, and I believe that our Governor is an important stakeholder in this process. I urge him to take immediate action on this issue because I don’t want to have Virginia’s legacy tarnished by a project that we could have taken a better look at ourselves.

As a union member under the Trump administration I have seen how he has created an environment with an economy and democracy rigged against working people and Virginia needs more good, union jobs now more than ever.  However, safety has always been our number one priority and I am ready to advocate for these jobs across our Commonwealth. Therefore, we should not expose our communities, union sisters and brothers, or our environment to any risks. I am excited to learn that FERC has ordered to stop the Mountain Valley Pipelines construction due to lack of permits to cross federal owned lands.”

***Based on this answer


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