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Video: DNC Adopts Reforms Package, Including Elimination of Vote of Superdelegates on 1st Ballot of Presidential Nomination Process


Thanks to DNC delegate from Virginia, Yasmine Taeb, for the coverage from today’s meeting. See below for her commentary and video. Personally, I have mixed feelings on this issue, can see pros and cons, but regardless…it passed, so that’s a done deal. [UPDATE: Dartmouth political science Professor  tweets, “Most political scientists with relevant expertise think this is a bad idea AFAIK. Who lives through 2016 and thinks we need more popular control over party candidate selection?”] Oh, also per DNC rules expert Frank Leone: “Superdelegate – and a lot of other – reforms adopted by DNC – see text at http://demrulz.org.” With that, here’s Yasmine Taeb’s report and video from Chicago.


Yasmine Taeb is with Chris Reeves and Jeri Shepherd at Hyatt Regency ChicagoSUCCESS!!! Reforms package passes at our DNC meeting including provisions to eliminate the vote of superdelegates on the first ballot during the presidential nominating process.

These reforms were necessary to restore people’s trust in our Party. I’m so thankful to my DNC colleagues for recognizing that we need to continue to grow our Party, open it up, and be more responsive to the grassroots and these reforms were an important step to making that happen!


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