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Senators Kaine, Warner; Barack Obama Statements on the Passing of John McCain [UPDATED – More Statements by Virginians]


A sad day, the end of a consequential life…rest in peace, Senator McCain.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the follow statement on the passing of U.S. Senator John McCain:

“John McCain was a hero, my Chairman, and my friend. After six decades of public service, he will be remembered as a maverick, a model of strength in Vietnam, and a champion of servicemembers, campaign finance reform, and innumerable other causes. In the past 13 months, John has urged us to listen to each other and restore the American people’s confidence in their government. May we be responsible enough to heed to his plea, wise  enough to follow his example, and fortunate enough to have a career in service as long and accomplished as his. My condolences go out to the McCain family and the people of Arizona.”


~ On the passing of John McCain ~

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) issued the below statement on the passing of U.S. Sen John McCain (R-AZ):

“We lost a hero tonight. ​John McCain served this country with honor, purpose and courage for his entire life, regardless of the personal cost. He was a giant of the Senate. His service, sacrifice and patriotism should be an inspiration to every American. 

“My heart goes out to Cindy and the entire McCain family. The prayers of a grateful nation are with them during this difficult time.”

UPDATED: More statements from Virginia leaders, below.

Del. Alfonso Lopez

Thank you U.S. Senator John McCain for your honesty, heroism, service, and belief in the best of American ideals and institutions.

In renewing relations with Vietnam – he knew how to forgive his enemies while always continuing to fight for more Democracy.

God bless & Godspeed.

Former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling

I was sorry to hear of Senator John McCain’s passing. I had never met or talked to Senator McCain prior to 2008, but I had an experience with him then that told me a lot about the man.

In 2008 I chaired Mitt Romney’s campaign in Virginia. When Romney dropped out of the race Senator McCain called me to ask for my support. I wasn’t ready to jump onto another campaign and I wasn’t really sold on McCain, and I was honest in sharing my concerns with him. I’ll never forget his response. He said, “My friend, I appreciate your honesty more than you know, and I hope I’ll be able to earn your support somewhere down the road.”

John McCain was a patriot and a gentlemen. As the campaign wore on he not only earned my support, but more importantly, my respect. And in recent years, as the tone of public discourse has deteriorated, he was a voice of reason and decency. RIP Senator McCain, R.I.P.


UPDATE #2 – More statements from national figures, below.


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