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After Numerous Stories About His Offensive Social Media Posts, Corey Stewart’s Top Adviser Locks Down His Twitter Account. Here Are Some More He Does NOT Want You To See.


After many of top Corey Stewart aide Rick Shaftan’s offensive social media postings came to light — see Corey Stewart aide compared GOP establishment to a ‘house negro,’ disparaged civil rights leaders, GOP SENATE CANDIDATE CONSULTANT DEMANDS BLACK ‘LEADERS’ FORCE NFL PLAYERS TO STAND FOR NATIONAL ANTHEM, Trump Effect: Spokesman for GOP Senate Hopeful Called Memphis, New Orleans and Baltimore ‘Shitholes’, Social media posts by consultant to Senate candidate Corey Stewart ridicule NAACP, black neighborhoods, Adviser to GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart used expletive to describe majority-black cities, etc., etc. – Shaftan has finally “protected” his Twitter account so we can’t see this garbage anymore (unless he gives us permission).

Of course, it’s tough to hide stuff you’ve posted on social media. In the case of Rick Shaftan – whose firm (“Atlantic Media & Research”) Corey Stewart has paid $113,000 so far – he has a long history of insulting people with intellectual disabilities. For instance, see the following tweets, which basically speak for themselves. Also keep in mind, as you’re perusing these nasty, offensive tweets, that Corey Stewart has not fired Shaftan or even repudiated his views.

Which means…what? That Corey Stewart agrees with Rick Shaftan? That Corey Stewart simply doesn’t care one way or the other? What? At the minimum, it shows horrendous judgment on Corey Stewart’s part – yet again (for other examples, see After pro-white rally in Charlottesville, Stewart says it’s ‘time to stop apologizing’, Virginia politicians of all stripes condemn white nationalists — except one, Virginia US Senate candidate previously paid anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim figure for fundraising list, GOP Senate nominee Corey Stewart endorsed Paul Nehlen months after he shared white nationalist content, etc, etc. With that, here are a few of Shaftan’s tweets, in which he repeatedly calls people “ret***s” and “bimbos.”


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